Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Baby 81

I’ve been sitting on Black Rebel Motorcycle Club's new album, Baby 81, for quite a few weeks now and have finally gotten around to giving it another listen. I liked it the first time around, but you know, second time’s a charm. I first learned about BRMC from Jay Harren when he worked at 99X and did Tuesday Tutorial on the morning show. I’d like to thank the brains behind 99X for taking that away from me. Thanks!

Anyways, I really liked the track Jay played, although I can’t really remember which one it was since it was so long ago and I’ve added to my collection since then, becoming a fan of everything they put out. Baby 81 hits the public next Tuesday, and if I didn’t already have the luxury of having it, I’d purchase it for sure. BRMC has a way of making their guitars really "dirty," so to speak, and I really heart the way the music seems to be drawn out in most instances to match the vocals. It’s a math problem that works. For some reason, anytime I hear anything from this band, I immediately think of it as a religious experience, just because the music is so powerful and uplifting without being too intrusive on your ears. It’s thirteen songs of nasty, sweaty rock (but not in the way that reeks of 80s hair bands or anything of that sort) that I could lick up with a spatula. Mmm. If you want a preview, the whole album is streaming on MySpace right now. The single "Weapon of Choice" is very much an indication of what you’re getting from BRMC this album, and it’s awesomeness times infinity.

My favorite part of new albums by bands I love is what follow them…a tour! And of course, they’ll be stopping in Atlanta June 7th at the Roxy. The only thing that sucks about this is that I think the Rock-n-Roll sushi place I hit before shows is now closed. So sad. Sake and BRMC would’ve been fetch. Guess I’ll have to settle for some other crappy over-priced Buckhead food.

Oh, and here's a special sneak preview of a couple songs in video form...

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