Friday, March 02, 2007

Prepping for SxSW.

I must say, I'm on an unbelievable high after last night's Billy Joel show. It was well worth the $100 I dropped on a ticket. That guy knows how to put on a show for sure. There wasn't a bad seat in the place, and he sounded incredible. It was like I was listening to the CD, except I was surrounded by fellow fans singing along with me.

And now, it's back to blogging about bands that don't somewhat destroy my credibility.

I keep getting emails about parties and showcases going on in Austin next month, and when I see an artist I'm anxious in checking out, I get all excited. I thought I would share two of them today.

The first is a band out of Canada that I've mentioned before because, well, they're awesome. The Golden Dogs. They don't come around here, which sucks, but they do hit the states every so often, and they have an interesting sound that could be borderline pop, except that your fourteen-year-old sister probably wouldn't get into it. Does that make sense? Either way, they're a catchy crew with male and female vocals, and I'm not sure anyone I've shared this with has been disappointed in it. They're playing March 17th at Molotov Lounge if you happen to be in Austin.

The Golden Dogs - "Never Meant Any Harm"

This video is pretty kick ass, as well.

The second band is not really a band, but more like two dudes with a guitar and one of those things that comes out of your mouth and makes some kind of synth noise. I don't know the name of it, sorry. Chromeo. I came upon this song by accident one day, and I loved it so much, I checked them out further and have not been let down by the beats and generally humorous nature of their music. I think it's genius. And the video has to be put here as well, because it's so simple, yet so complex. Think A Clockwork Orange. They'll be playing at the Flamingo Cantina on March 15th for the SxSWers.

Listen to this song...

Chromeo - "Needy Girl"

And then watch the video. You'll lurve them, too.

If you're looking for a show tonight, I might be at 10 High to see Summerbirds in the Cellar and Modern Skirts. If I can remove myself from the couch today...
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