Thursday, March 22, 2007

On the Map.

As much as I don't appreciate Manchester Orchestra's cocky attitude, apparently someone besides Ally likes them. I know they're reading this because I'm certain their multiple daily Google searches brought them here.

Anyways, an interesting article in Rolling Stone caught my eye because I've been in love with the Academy Is... for a while, and I think the Fratellis are hot shit, too.

Why am I not writing for them again? Hmmm...

I am writing for Creative Loafing, though. Check out this week's Real Life Top 5...I was interviewed to name my five guilty pleasure albums. And I'm certain I'll lose some cred somewhere, but eff it. Last week, I actually wrote the spotlight article on my fav local band. And there'll be one out next week, too, so look for it.

In shows, tonight Youth Group is at the EARL.

I'm exhausted. I can barely blog. If you're ever around O'Terrill's on a Sunday, Monday, or Wednesday night, stop in! I'm waiting tables there now...
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