Thursday, March 01, 2007

I'm Movin' Out.

Well, not really. But I tell you one thing, I totally blasted that song on repeat in the car when I did move out from the parents' pad to the big city a few years ago when I got a "real" job...the whole 25 miles away. Yes, sir, I did. And in the spirit of the Piano Man himself, the man who makes piano bars fun (even if the piano men at the piano bars expect you to tip big for the request), I am dedicating this post to him, since I will be seeing ole Billy Joel live for the first time tonight at Philips Arena. I am also dedicating this post to Caren and Ryan since they were nice enough to take me in as a companion to the show. And to my awesome boss who is letting me have tomorrow off because she knows I'll be emotionally exhausted from witnessing a music great in all of his glory.

First up is a cover of "Movin' Out" by the Format. I happen to have some of their originals in my library, and I heart them all.

The Format - "Movin' Out"

Next up is the original by Billy. Another tidbit of info for you, in case you happen to be a fan and like musicals, the Broadway rendition of Twyla Tharp's Movin' Out will be at the Fox Theatre sometime this year. But don't quote me on that, since I can't seem to find the info on it now like I did in the past. If you think I won't be there, you are so so so wrong.

Billy Joel - "Movin' Out"

I know how curious you are which song is my absolute fav, as if I could ever pick one. The one that has remained in my memory for many years would be "The Longest Time," and you can watch the cheesy ass video here:

If you weren't thrilled to come here and see a post about Billy Joel, then I have a cool sample from Let's Go Sailing that you may enjoy as much as I did. Light, airy, female vocals make this track something to soothe yourself with. It's going on my "Bathtub" playlist, I can promise you that. They'll also be at SXSW this year, and I'll probably get to catch them, you know, since I'll be there and everything.

Let's Go Sailing - "Icicles"
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