Friday, March 09, 2007

Fun Things to Speak Of.

I think I already mentioned that I am busy as shit right now, so you'll have to excuse my lack of posting this week.

I do have a couple of things to harp on, though.

UNO: The first one is that we have another "Confessions of a Music Addict" showcase lined up on May 3rd at the Earl. We're collaborating with Eskimo Kiss Records to bring you Long Knives, Citified, and Slushco. This show is going to be a good one, obviously, because we don't play with stuff that sucks. Remember, Long Knives has gotten a super response all around...

DOS: The second bit of fun info is that since I am busier than normal, and shall probably remain that way for a while, I've asked Claire Ashton to come and post on new bands and other fun stuff. Claire is a great writer, and she is always tipping me off about a band she stumbled across or letting me in on all the cool stuff going on around town. So, expect to see things from her soon.

TRES: Lastly, you'll be able to catch me in the Creative Loafing music section starting next week.

Shows this weekend (I don't feel like linking...sorry):
>>The Judies tonight, March 9th at the 11:11 Teahouse
>>Dropsonic tomorrow, March 10th at Star Bar

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