Friday, March 23, 2007

For Your Ears.

I took a vacation day specifically to read emails. Yes, that's how backed up I am right now. You don't even want to see what I've been staring at, it's painful.

However, I've found a few mp3s to share, so that's always fun.

Here's a band out of Charlotte that was in Atlanta not too long ago playing with the Futurists (who are having their CD release show at the Masquerade tomorrow night, which I will most likely be attending because they are bad ass) and are also on the cover of this month's Southeast Performer magazine. Welcome the Sammies. They have this powerful vocal thing going on where it sounds like they're yelling at you, but it's strangely inviting. The music itself makes me think of hair bands, but way updated. Just listen for yourself.

The Sammies - "Falling Out"
The Sammies - "Caretaker"

On another note, I just want to say that Ally is the most hardcore, rockstar person I know. We got inked together last night. Bars should not be located across the street from tattoo parlors. Mom, I'm so sorry...
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