Sunday, February 25, 2007

some stuff. it's what i do.

well, i'm gonna try this again...

i am so excited about sxsw this year i can hardly contain myself. my list of bands to see is quite extensive, so here's my best abridged version (in paragraph form because it looks shorter that way):

Howie beck, Illinois, Sea Wolf, Division Day, The Waiting Hurt, The Blue Van, Jeremy Warmsley, The Futurists, Lonely, Dear, Voxtrot, Oh No! Oh My!, The 1900s, Birdmonster, Paul Duncan, Tacks, The Boy Disaster, Sparklehorse, Albert Hammond, Jr., VietNam, Say Hi To Your Mom, Vashti Bunyan, Apollo Sunshine, The Fratellis, Cloud Cult, Jack’s Mannequin, Snowden, David Vendervelde, Bishop Allen, Okkervil River, Rocco Deluca, Dosh, Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly, Josh Pyke, Teitur, Peter Walker, The Faint, BOAT, Colour Revolt, The Pipettes, My Latest Novel, The Bird And The Bee, Chris Garneau, +/- {plus/minus}....

yeah, it's a handful. hopefully i'll figure something out.


>>the new bright eyes video for the single "four winds" surfaced this week. it's growing on me. speaking of growing, it appears that conor has let his hair grow out quite a bit. i dig it. but then again, i would.

>>spin had an interesting article the other day, 10 ways to fix the music biz. i was surprised to find that i actually agreed with most of it. i really like #10- "...No more records by celebrities without discernible vocal talent. And, of course, no more Rod Stewart covers collections."

>>so long trl. not that anyone really gives a damn.

>>another great recommendation i've gotten lately, is paul brill. apparently, i missed the memo on this nyc singer/songwriter who's 2004 release, new pagan love song, received much acclaim. for his latest album, harpooner, brill has managed to mix both acoustic and electronic elements. odd, "i just woke up" vocals over curious samples and beats make the entire album enjoyable. you can stream the whole thing from his site here. i've had "paris is on" stuck in my head this morning. listen for yourself...

paul brill - "paris is on"

>>i came across this program on i guess i'm floating and it really is amazing. it's called peel. essentially, it works a lot like hypemachine, but you can customize it to your favorite blogs. once you've added your blogs, peel will automatically scan the front page of each of them and collect any mp3s that are posted. then you can choose to download them from there and they will go straight into your itunes. also, you can switch back and forth from the mp3 list to the blog homepage within the program. download this now while it's free. oh, and it's only for mac users right now.

>>i caught the explorers club at the masquerade on friday. i just love those boys. you can tell that they truly love what they do. besides, who else is making such great, fun, surf pop these days? they played a few new songs along with their usual set and closed with "johnny b. goode". i had a childhood flashback to my kindergarten talent show where i sang "johnny b. goode" while attempting to play a muppet babies guitar... i pretty much ruled back then. anyway, we've featured the song "forever" on a podcast before but here it is again if you missed it the first time. plus it's one of my favorites...

the explorers club - "forever"

that's it. i'm done for the day. and i'm hungry.
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