Friday, February 23, 2007

Random Ramblings.

>>I had a conversation with someone yesterday that's prompting me to do a Dick of the Week. I'm not going to be subtle about this one, either, because this person has been less than subtle in airing out their dirty laundry to people who follow his music. It's unprofessional, uncalled for, and highly immature at that. So, without further ado, your Dick of the Week. I shall never utter another kind word about them or anyone they're associated with.

>>Everyone should cross their fingers for nice weather for this 99X Oysterfest thing this weekend at the Steamhouse Lounge in Buckhead. Of course, if it does happen to be raining, I'm going to be a good sport and use anoraks to keep myself somewhat dry for the drunkfest. If you happen to miss it tomorrow, or if you're a trooper and hang out all weekend, Sunday has a good list of bands playing, too. One in particular that I care for is the Beggars' Guild. So, check them out at 2:00.

Here's a little taste of one of the bands playing on Saturday if you care to have it...

Rantings of Eva - "Infrared"

>>The Gates of Berlin are calling it quits, which sucks, because they're actually good. The last show will be held at Lenny's tomorrow night, February 24th.

>>If you're in the mood for music tonight, February 23rd, there are a couple of shows. I'm going to be lame and save myself for Oysterfest and the Bridges at Smith's tomorrow...

*****At 10 High, Foreverdown is playing with the Californias.

*****At Lenny's, Gringo Star is playing fresh off a very successful UK tour.

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