Monday, February 19, 2007

Pretty Much the Best Thing Ever.

I found this a little too late, but I happened to stumble on it and thought I would share because, well, it's awesome. In my world, it is, at least.

Damien Rice's people have this ecard they made for Valentine's Day that you can send to people you hate. Like exes, or whatever. I actually kind of laughed at the sick way it starts off so sweet and then descends into pretty much every feeling you could conjure up regarding the holiday if you happened to have been wronged or something. Which is probably why I loved it so. I really wish I would've known about it sooner. Sigh. There's always next year. To the tune of "Rootless Tree" off the latest album, 9...

Damien Rice Ecard

Just click where it says Damien's name. And then enjoy.

I also want to mention something about that the post I made last week for bands who may want to enter into the contest Battle of the Bands thing that Lenny's is doing. There has been a date change from March 9th to April 4th, so you have more time to submit to them if you want a chance at a free video. Which is a nice prize. You get to play 3 songs at this competition. Email Lucy for more info.

This is all you can get from me today, I'm sorry to say. Things are crazy up in my world right now.
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