Tuesday, February 20, 2007

my early morning drive [covers included].

it's been a long day, but a really great day. i couldn't sleep last night so i just went for a drive. midnight drives are one of my favorite things in life. it gives me a chance to really listen to the music without any distraction in the world. i ended up in rome, ga this afternoon. i came across some killer old vinyl in an antique store on broad street and found an amazing lane frost shirt at the salvation army. if you don't know who that is you need to do some research. it was great to just be alone and enjoy the day.

while driving i started listening to some of my favorite covers. i felt inclined to share a few of them that made the cut. enjoy.

damien rice - "when doves cry" (prince cover)

the white stripes - "jolene" (dolly parton cover)

cold war kids - "fast as you can" (fionna apple cover)

elliott smith - "jealous guy" (john lennon cover)

my morning jacket w/eddie vedder - "it makes no difference" (the band cover)

bright eyes - "mushaboom" (feist cover)

greg laswell - "girls just wanna have fun" (cyndi lauper cover)
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