Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Lowering the Curtain on Memphis.

As not much seems to be going on that I haven't already mentioned, I thought I would go over Atlanta's Rantings of Eva's EP, Lowering the Curtain on Memphis, that's now available for download on iTunes. It's a collection of seven songs, and if you've ever seen the band live, then you've heard most of them before. This a somewhat poppy rock band with distinctive tunes and catchy lyrics, which is immediately a recipe for success as far as I'm concerned. Of course, I've had my hands on it for quite some time, and honestly, I'm still listening to it ever since I got about 2 months ago. I can't stop! I think my favorites are "Bright Side," which kind of reminds me of another band I really love, Pinback, and "Valhalla," which is a slower ballad that has an uncanny way of displaying the vocal range of singer, Ryan Flanagan. You can listen to "Bright Side" in it's entirety on their MySpace page.

There's really no dispute about who my favorite local band's them. It has been for a while. I make that very clear. So, if you're looking for something to change your musical routine, I highly suggest this. If you want to see them live, plan on getting your aphrodisiac appetite on at Oysterfest 2007. They play Saturday, February 24th at 4:30. Bring hot sauce and saltines.

Oh, and here's the lovely album artwork.

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