Tuesday, February 13, 2007

just some catchin up.

i'm not exaggerating when i say that there has been sooooo much new music to catch up on lately. luckily though, for the most part, it has all been pretty fantastic.

arcade fire - neon bible

>>believe the hype. the highly anticipated album really is that good. i remember the first time i listened to funeral and thought, "wow... now this is an original sound." then i listened to neon bible and was relieved to hear that butler and chassagne stuck with their distinct sound. lyrically, this album is much darker than the previous one. i'm a big lyric person so i really dig it. the single "intervention" offers up some troubled lines like, "working for the church while your family dies / you take what they give you / and you keep it inside / every spark of friendship and love / will die without a home" and in "windowsill", which is quickly becoming one of my favorites, they deliver the soon-to-be-famous line, "mtv, what have you done to me? / save my soul, set me free! / set me free! what have you done to me? / i can't breathe! i can't see! / world war III / when are you coming for me?". when backed by the organ alone at the start of "my body is a cage", butler's voice comes across as sinister and just plain eerie. which is why i love it. actually, i love all of it. buy this album on 3/6. and then go see them @ the civic center on 5/1 with me.

andrew bird - armchair apocrypha

>>the man is an undisputed genius. and armchair apocrypha only reiterates that fact. i wrote this on my myspace at one point, but this album could score a modern ballet or something. maybe it's the intricate violin work that makes me think of little, ballerinas frolicking across a stage... anyway... "imitosis" is by far and away my favorite track combining violin and lyrics that make my head spin. how bird manages to come up with the things he does just baffles me. "dark matter" is very playful and opens with about 45 seconds of his trademark whistling as well as the line, "when i was just a little boy / i threw away all of my action toys / while i became obsessed with operation" which sets the song up perfectly. armchair apocrypha comes out 3/20 and it's definitely not for the feeble minded.

cloud cult - the meaning of 8

>>i had never heard of this band before, but my friend matt recommended them to me. i did a little research on the guys and found out that they are hardcore environmentalists. they use diy packaging from 100% recyclable materials and even plant trees before they head out on tour. i personally think that's pretty awesome. i've been listening to the meaning of 8 pretty much nonstop since i got it and it's absolutely killer. they use a plethora of sounds and techniques meaning each song is something completely different, giving them no definitive sound or genre. it's the perfect album for all, because it has a little bit of everything... electro-beats, funky bass lines, and craig minowa's trippy, emotional vox. this band is doing something new and that's why you should buy the album in stores on 4/10 or you can order it online directly from their site now. you can also stream some songs from the meaning of 8 on their myspace, too. i dig all of it, but i'm loving "a girl underground". see for yourselves... they're playing @ smith's on 4/3.

cloud cult - "a girl underground"

fall out boy - infinity on high

>>yeah yeah... i'm a blogger, i'm supposed to be too indie for bands like fall out boy. but who cares?? i love them and infinity on high is one hell of a catchy album. i kept hearing how different this album was from from under the cork tree(aka fuct), but it's really not and i don't mean that negatively either. yes, it's more arrogant. yes, it's darker. yes, it's sexier. and arrogance, darkness, and sexiness are all equally good, but at the end of the day, it's still the same catchy, rock-pop band that brought us an evening out with your girlfriend and take this to your grave. the album opens with the song "thriller" which features an intro by jay-z and quickly jumps to the infectious chorus of "so long live the car crash hearts..." patrick stump's vox on "i'm like a lawyer with the way i'm always trying to get you off (me & you)" are fantastic, just wish it was that good live all the time. one of my favorite tracks is "do you know who i think i am?" which has handclaps so i score some indie cred there. whatever. go buy infinity on high. listen to it and then we'll talk. oh, and then come with me to the show on 4/19 @ hifi-buys.

there is so much more music to write about... and i'll get to it eventually. but for now i'm out.
see you all at the devil stole the beat shindig. woot woooooot!!! oh, did you know that several midwestern states celebrate a day called "sweetest day" on the 3rd saturday of october? i just found this out and it sucks for them... they get screwed twice a year.
garrett rules.
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