Monday, February 05, 2007

Jack Bauer is in the Building.

Well, in case you were under a rock this weekend, you probably heard that Kiefer Sutherland was in town to introduce Rocco deLuca & The Burden at the Tabernacle Saturday night. I took a picture, but it was so shitty that I decided against including it here. I'm sure Ally has a better one. I'm sure she'll have plenty more to say about the show than I, especially since I only stayed for the first three songs, which I really liked. I left because I am a new mom. And I felt bad for leaving the girl by herself her first night in the new place. How could you not...?

Anyways, enough about my personal life...

>>>Shows to note:

******Tonight, Monday, February 5th: My favorite soulful artist is playing at Blind Willie's in case you're up for getting rid of that case of the Mondays you're carrying around...which I am. Greg Hester!

******Thursday, February 8th: My friend Blink is having an art show at the Eastside Lounge, and I'll be doing that, because it's FREE. Also, afterwards, some dude name Flosstradamus is spinning for KissAtlanta at Azul. It's supposed to be amazing. You can get more info on that link...and even see a video of him in action. It's $10.

******Saturday, February 10th: The Futurists will be at the Masquerade. I put the pretty flyer up last week! So...scroll down.

That's it for now. Except for that I totally bought a ticket to go see Billy Joel on March 1st. Just one because I couldn't afford another one. So, if anyone else is going - let me know! I want to have a fun, snooty drink beforehand. Cheers!
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