Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Email Jail.

Once again, I've been bombarded with emails from various promo people working with bands all over the place. So, I'll share some of the stuff that might be of interest.

By the way, Greg Hester was amazing last night. He did a little cover of "Elenor Rigby," which he told me afterwards was for me!! Yay! That's probably one of my most favorite Beatles songs because of the pronounced implementation of the strings. Greg has a cellist on stage with him, and man, it was so bad ass. He'll be back around soon, so check it out next time. I'm serious. Stop ignoring me.

>>>I haven't had a chance to give a listen to these first two tracks, but I'm going to include them because the pictures I was sent make me think these two groups are kind of out there.

*****Childbite is a band out of Michigan boasting an experimental sound. Here's a couple mp3s:

Childbite - Bone Sleep
Childbite - Broach for Two

And, Andrew Douglas Rothbard is a guy who appears to be compared to Devendra Banhart.

ADR - High Upon Love
ADR - Indigo

>>>Our friends over at Filter have sent an mp3 from the band Great Northern out of Los Angeles. This intrigues me because there is a chick singer, and lately, I've found bands that throw that in have really become appealing to me for some reason. And they're going to be at SXSW, which I'm dying to go to (anyone want to fund my trip? anyone?) because only the best of the best are normally there.

Great Northern - Home

>>>Finally, I have a couple links to videos from bands that seem to be getting some decent and well-deserved buzz.

*****First, Explosions in the Sky. I have a few of their songs in my library, and I like the space-like feeling of them. They are actually coming to town on March 13th at Lenny's.

Greet Death Video

*****Second, this band was just here 2 weeks ago. I missed the boat on that one. The Rapture.

Get Myself Into It Video

Alright. That was exhausting so I'm going to stop now. Check some of it out so I don't feel like I'm wasting my time...

Oh, but here's a PS. I was interviewed, along with Rich from Cable & Tweed, by James over at Metroblogging Atlanta for a blog he writes for about my views on the impact of blogging about music. If you'd like to read...click here.
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