Thursday, February 15, 2007

Cool Stuff.

Tonight kicks off the round of showcases for the Devil Stole the Beat fiasco over at Smith's Olde Bar. Go there.

And if you're one of those lame people who only goes to shows on weekends, then you're in luck. Two good shows on Saturday, February 17th, for you to check out:

>>>Smith's Olde Bar: The Beggars' Guild and Bishop Don.
>>>Drunken Unicorn: League of Evil.

How about some cool poo that I was sent in the email and got excited about? Okay. So basically, one of my most favorite bands in the world is Metric. Yes, I'm aware Emily Haines came from Broken Social Scene and many other places. Well, I got these videos of one of Metric's performances, so I'm going to post a couple of my favorite songs from the last album. You can watch them. Love Metric. Click the linky links if you want to see more...

On second thought, I'm stupid and couldn't figure out how to put it here. and I have no patience today. Forgive me. Maybe another time. I have this website though.
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