Monday, February 26, 2007

Because You Probably Aren't Like Me.

My head is full of mush after the weekend of drunken debauchery I participated in, so I'm going to try and level myself out by dumping all this cool music on you...

Shows this Week:

There's not a lack of anything to do in the city this week, well, not as far as I'm concerned, at least.

>>Tuesday, February 27th: One of my most favorite new bands to see when they're in town is playing Smith's Olde Bar. They're Airspace and they're wonderful. Very powerful live and highly entertaining. Especially when the singer talks since he has an Irish accent. Yum. Click on the link and listen to "Candle."

>>Thursday, March 1st: Since you're probably not like me, chances are slim you'll be at Philips Arena. That's where I'll be. Listening to Billy Joel with a bunch of people who are old enough to be my parents... However, there's this dude/band called The One AM Radio that will be stopping into Atlanta from LA to play the 11:11 Teahouse. Listen to a free sample below...

The One AM Radio - "In the Time We've Got"

>>Friday, March 2nd: If you're into chick fronted bands, there's this one in town called Parade that's kind of reminding me of those nineties groups that I lurved so much, like Sonic Youth. This band, just from listening to their stuff on MySpace, is making me realize that there really is a hell of a lot of good music around's just a matter of finding it. Consider yourself schooled. They're playing the ISP tonight if you want to check it. I'm pretty sure I'm going to be over there.

>>I got tipped off about this sunshine-poppy band out of Massachusetts called Winterpills that I'm actually really liking. Wow, this blogging thing is the best gig ever. They've got these somewhat dirty guitars under male and female vocals that are...pillowy soft. And I mean that in the way that the vocals are soothing. Don't be fooled, though. They drop the glorious f-bomb almost as beautifully as Damien Rice. Just listen for yourself.

Winterpills - "Broken Arm"
Winterpills - "Handkerchiefs"

>>Another band I was clued in to because of their impending trip to open for Augustana at the Roxy on March 30th is Vega4. They are reminding me of Snow Patrol. A lot. But they're catching on, so I'm sharing.

Vega4 - "Life is Beautiful"

We might be giving away tickets to that show, so check back if you're interested...

>>And here is a special bonus for anyone who knows what it's like to love someone's music so much that you will drop a Benjamin on one ticket just so you can see them. A little song about how I'm going to be sitting on Thursday.

Eric Carmen - "All By Myself"

And now, I think I'll try to figure out a way to cure my dog's horrendous gas problem. Yikes.
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