Saturday, February 17, 2007

ASCAP Showcase - The Devil Stole the Beat

I spent most of the week at Smith’s Olde Bar for the Devil Stole the Beat’s collection of artist showcases, mainly because there was a roster of killer acts all under one roof. Friday night was probably the best showing of what the city of Atlanta and surrounding areas have to offer music lovers. The first act I caught was Corey Crowder, who is a singer/songwriter that apparently has a pretty big following, despite the fact that the dude is a rip off of John Mayer. If I wanted to be ripped off, I’d go to the movies. Even his voice is seriously lacking in originality. All I could hear in my head while he was playing was, “Next!” Well, that and, “Your Body is a Wonderland.” Maybe he’s trying to win the heart of Jessica Simpson? Good luck with that...

Afterwards, a band that recently made a move to Athens from Orlando, Summerbirds in the Cellar, played a set of intriguing and unique rock songs. It was loud. It was proud. It was spectacular. So much, in fact, that I plan to boogie down to their next show on April 27th at the Drunken Unicorn, which you should plan to do as well. Unless you suck. After Summerbirds cleared out, a band out of Nashville that’s making buzz all over blogs and publications, How I Became the Bomb, took the stage. This band is hilarious. Really. Most of the lyrics are highly sarcastic and the beats are catchy enough to have you in a fit of borderline epilepsy. I was a little disappointed I didn’t hear my favorite song off their EP, “Fat Girls Talkin’ ‘Bout Cardio.” Yes, they have a song named that and it’s exactly what you think it’s about. Genius.

Overall a pretty good showing, even if I was a little put off by the first guy. Thanks to ASCAP for feeding me drinks. If you weren't there to laugh and point at the chick who had no sense of balance (read: fell on her ass) and toted around toilet paper on her heel, then make sure you're at the show next time they throw a shindig. It never fails, my friends. PS - The chick, in case you're not following, was yours truly.

Summerbirds in the Cellar - Behold the Wolf

How I Became the Bomb - Killing Machine

And now, I will leave you with this highly disturbing and muy sad visual of everyone's favorite trainwreck, who appears to think she can pull off a Sinead O'Connor:

That's Britney Spears. And here I thought I was the only one having a nervous breakdown...
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