Friday, February 02, 2007


So there's a couple of highly anticipated albums coming out pretty soon. Like next week, I believe. I only say this because I have been waiting for them...

And thanks to my pal R, I've had the chance to listen to them. So, here's what I think...since he wanted to know and now I've had a chance to give a good listen...

>>>Bloc Party - Weekend in the City comes out next Tuesday. I'm STILL listening to Silent Alarm, and I'm happy to say that my playlist has been extended to include this new one. A tad on the lighter side in some areas, the album's overall feel is somewhat eerie in nature, but still has me wanting to be in a room filled with sweaty bodies and flashing lights...and lots of beer. Or, better yet, rollerskating. With speed skates, not Brownies. And glo-sticks. I'm completely hooked on "Hunting for Witches" and "I Still Remember." Some of the tracks are slow to start, but then bombard into this amazing rock/dance fusion that Bloc Party is known to smack you with. The coolest part about this post is that I can direct you to the band's MySpace and you can stream the whole damn thing. Judge for yourself...

Bloc Party - I Still Remember

>>>The Arcade Fire - The band has this pretty confusing and kick ass site for their newest, Neon Bible where you can get a little sample of the songs and waste time on a virtual playground. The Arcade Fire is one of those bands that has a unique sound throughout each song. I did catch myself making comparisons to Bruce Springsteen in my head on a few of the tracks, which I thought was weird, until I went back and listened again and realized my mind hasn't changed much from that. Especially on "Keep the Car Running" and "Antichrist Television Blues." But those are really the only two, I guess. The single is called "Black Mirror," and you can hear it on their MySpace. The rest of the album has that angelic-type feel of past Arcade Fire stuff. Overall, I think it's going to satisfy anyone who's been a fan in the past. It hits stores March 6th.

The Arcade Fire - Intervention

>>>On the local front, I saw Elevation again. I feel like their live show has gotten better than the last time I saw it, but the music still doesn't do a whole, whole lot for me. Although, I will say there were times when I caught my foot tapping against my chair, so hey, maybe it just needs to grow on me.

I stuck around for the last band, Tentonic, and I was immediately reminded of Oasis. And then I continued to be reminded of Oasis all night. Not bad, because I like Oasis a whole lot, but also not jumping out at me for the same reason. We call that a Catch 22, I think.

Overall a pretty good show for a Thursday night. Naturally, I was more excited to see Rantings of Eva than anyone else, and they kind of proved to me why I get like that. Anywho, I'm out.
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