Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Something New: Ladytron.

Photo by Alex Wolkowicz

I know Ladytron isn't new. I'm sure I've, in a rare moment, danced to them at DSC in the past. That's what kind of effect the music has on me. I want to dance. Even now, in a sober moment, I'm tempted to take the booty to the mirror and replace all my bulbs with black lights and just dance.

I bring this up because I have a special treat. Yay! A friend of a friend, Teresa Alvarez, was fortunate enough to interview Ladytron before their show in Atlanta a couple weeks ago (2.17.07 @ CenterStage), and she has asked me to share it with you guys, so I am! If you haven't caught on yet, Ladytron is on the verge of exploding like a Hawaiian volcano as they tour around with Nine Inch Nails. Hand selected. I think ole Trent likes to do that, since that's how the Dresden Dolls got their break...

Anyways, here is the interview and a song that I am lovin' right now since I feel like screaming it at someone.

Ladytron - "Destroy Everything You Touch"

Ladytron Interview 2-17-07

The 'Witching Hour' with Ladytron continues
British band talks of opening for Nine Inch Nails, their next album and David Lynch

By Teresa A.

It's not just another show in another city for the Liverpool-based band, Ladytron- not The Beatles. Made up of two female vocalists/musicians and two male musicians, Ladytron performed an exclusive off tour show Feb. 17 at Center Stage in Atlanta, Ga. before their European tour with the ground-breaking band Nine Inch Nails.

"It's always nice to come out on one off shows because we're all refreshed," said Reuben Wu, one of the two males, with his charming Liverpudlian accent. "We enjoy it quite a lot when we're doing one off shows in interesting places."

Going on eight years together, Helen Marnie, Daniel Hunt, Mira Aroyo and Wu recently finished their international tour for their third album, Witching Hour. Just finishing their sound check and getting a preview for what will be heard later, Wu, wearing comfy jeans and shirt layers, suggested we sit in the last lit row from the top. And there we were- sitting side by side with me in the middle and Aroyo, complete with silver rings to compliment her striking dark features, commenting we're like "The Muppets."

"It just came out of the blue," said Wu explaining how NIN frontman Trent Reznor came about hand-picking Ladytron to be his support starting Feb. 25 in England to April 10 in Finland.

"Our progress has been very gradual from the start, so it just seems like a gradual step," said Bulgarian-native Aroyo. "We haven't really supported anyone big our whole careers. So I think it's about time."

"We don't want to remain underground," said Wu. "It's cool, y'know! It's also good to introduce more people."

"We just want a bigger underground," said Aroyo.

On Ladytron's sound, they're inspired by anything and everything and defined as pop/electronic/electronica. Their first album, 604, featured hits such as "He Took Her To A Movie" and "Playgirl." Their second album, Light & Magic, had the same energy as 604, but added a more relaxed undertone in the songs "Seventeen," "Blue Jeans," and "Evil." By the time Witching Hour came out in 2005, they developed a transcendental quality. Songs such as "Soft Power," "WhiteLightGenerator" and "All The Way…" give this image of a jellyfish fluidly floating in the sea. Although their very chill personality is accentuated in Witching Hour, "High Rise," "Destroy Everything You Touch" and "Weekend" balance the serenity with the up-tempo energy as featured in the other two records. Last spring, Extended Play EP featured remixes of various Witching Hour tracks as well as bonus tracks.

The effortless, bittersweet vocals are what put the 'lady' in Ladytron. Marnie brings this sweet, innocent feeling to the lyrics making them delicate to listen to. Contrasting to this sweetness is Aroyo giving strong, abrasive vocals reminiscent of listening to a darker Nico. This is especially highlighted in songs like "Fighting In Built Up Areas" (from Witching Hour), "True Mathematics" (from Light & Magic) and "Discotraxx" (from 604) where she is speaking Bulgarian.

"People usually say… ice cold vocals, no emotion," said Aroyo. "And that's really not true because there's a lot of emotion. But emotion is not usually [the same as listening] to a 60s soul song."

Throughout their career, Ladytron contributed their work to various video games, TV shows such as Sex in the City and The L Word and various commercials. Both Wu and Aroyo agree to want to work on more movies.

"It'd be nice to actually work on a soundtrack," says Aroyo hopefully. "I'm waiting for David Lynch! We're waiting for [Angelo Badalamenti, a Lynch film composer] to retire."

Part of Ladytron's subtle charm is seeing the names of the four synthesizers, Babylon, Cleopatra, Gloria and Ulysses, displayed on the back facing the audience. Seeing the nameless MS-2000s, their new synthesizers, they're easier to replace opposed to using older models in the past. As for the names and the possible meanings behind them, the only meaning that exists is it makes the sound check easier.

Like many bands, having a uniform is typical. As time went on, their individuality in style progressed leaving the uniform idea behind and primarily wearing black.

"We ditched those uniforms," says Wu. "[We] sold them on eBay."

"We haven't yet," adds Aroyo mischievously. "We're waiting for the price [to go] up from the Nine Inch Nails tour, maybe?"

As for what lies ahead after NIN, Ladytron is in the process of planning their next record and hope to start recording in June.

"We're not entirely sure what we're gonna do," explains Wu. "We reckon we've got enough for two albums definitely."

Until that time comes, Ladytron will tour with NIN, work progressively on their fourth album, possibly come back to America later this year to perform and continue growing to new and greater heights. To learn more about Ladytron, go to their official site or visit their MySpace page.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

We Give Stuff Away Sometimes.

So I've been sent a couple of emails with 'stuff' that I can give away to the lovely readers of this blog.

Spinning off of yesterday's post, the show at 11:11 Teahouse on Thursday, March 1st with The One AM Radio, I have your name plus one on the guest list, and a free CD, This Too Will Pass, that will be mailed to you. Yay! If you'd like to enter your name into the drawing for that, send an email and put "The One AM Radio" in the subject. Tell me what your name is, and I'll put it in a hat. Winner will be notified on Wednesday by email.

The other option of cool free stuff you can sign up to win is two tickets to the Augustana/Vega4 show at the Roxy on Friday, March 30th. This is courtesy of Vega4, and if you happened to miss it, scroll down for a free mp3 download of their single. Once again, email your name and put "Vega4" as the subject and I'll choose someone at random to be notified by email.

Oh, and here's some really exciting news...Summerbirds in the Cellar just announced they'll be opening up for Modern Skirts at 10 High THIS FRIDAY, March 2nd. I'm probably going to have to pull double duty that night. Killer line up, killer boots. It's $10.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Because You Probably Aren't Like Me.

My head is full of mush after the weekend of drunken debauchery I participated in, so I'm going to try and level myself out by dumping all this cool music on you...

Shows this Week:

There's not a lack of anything to do in the city this week, well, not as far as I'm concerned, at least.

>>Tuesday, February 27th: One of my most favorite new bands to see when they're in town is playing Smith's Olde Bar. They're Airspace and they're wonderful. Very powerful live and highly entertaining. Especially when the singer talks since he has an Irish accent. Yum. Click on the link and listen to "Candle."

>>Thursday, March 1st: Since you're probably not like me, chances are slim you'll be at Philips Arena. That's where I'll be. Listening to Billy Joel with a bunch of people who are old enough to be my parents... However, there's this dude/band called The One AM Radio that will be stopping into Atlanta from LA to play the 11:11 Teahouse. Listen to a free sample below...

The One AM Radio - "In the Time We've Got"

>>Friday, March 2nd: If you're into chick fronted bands, there's this one in town called Parade that's kind of reminding me of those nineties groups that I lurved so much, like Sonic Youth. This band, just from listening to their stuff on MySpace, is making me realize that there really is a hell of a lot of good music around's just a matter of finding it. Consider yourself schooled. They're playing the ISP tonight if you want to check it. I'm pretty sure I'm going to be over there.

>>I got tipped off about this sunshine-poppy band out of Massachusetts called Winterpills that I'm actually really liking. Wow, this blogging thing is the best gig ever. They've got these somewhat dirty guitars under male and female vocals that are...pillowy soft. And I mean that in the way that the vocals are soothing. Don't be fooled, though. They drop the glorious f-bomb almost as beautifully as Damien Rice. Just listen for yourself.

Winterpills - "Broken Arm"
Winterpills - "Handkerchiefs"

>>Another band I was clued in to because of their impending trip to open for Augustana at the Roxy on March 30th is Vega4. They are reminding me of Snow Patrol. A lot. But they're catching on, so I'm sharing.

Vega4 - "Life is Beautiful"

We might be giving away tickets to that show, so check back if you're interested...

>>And here is a special bonus for anyone who knows what it's like to love someone's music so much that you will drop a Benjamin on one ticket just so you can see them. A little song about how I'm going to be sitting on Thursday.

Eric Carmen - "All By Myself"

And now, I think I'll try to figure out a way to cure my dog's horrendous gas problem. Yikes.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

some stuff. it's what i do.

well, i'm gonna try this again...

i am so excited about sxsw this year i can hardly contain myself. my list of bands to see is quite extensive, so here's my best abridged version (in paragraph form because it looks shorter that way):

Howie beck, Illinois, Sea Wolf, Division Day, The Waiting Hurt, The Blue Van, Jeremy Warmsley, The Futurists, Lonely, Dear, Voxtrot, Oh No! Oh My!, The 1900s, Birdmonster, Paul Duncan, Tacks, The Boy Disaster, Sparklehorse, Albert Hammond, Jr., VietNam, Say Hi To Your Mom, Vashti Bunyan, Apollo Sunshine, The Fratellis, Cloud Cult, Jack’s Mannequin, Snowden, David Vendervelde, Bishop Allen, Okkervil River, Rocco Deluca, Dosh, Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly, Josh Pyke, Teitur, Peter Walker, The Faint, BOAT, Colour Revolt, The Pipettes, My Latest Novel, The Bird And The Bee, Chris Garneau, +/- {plus/minus}....

yeah, it's a handful. hopefully i'll figure something out.


>>the new bright eyes video for the single "four winds" surfaced this week. it's growing on me. speaking of growing, it appears that conor has let his hair grow out quite a bit. i dig it. but then again, i would.

>>spin had an interesting article the other day, 10 ways to fix the music biz. i was surprised to find that i actually agreed with most of it. i really like #10- "...No more records by celebrities without discernible vocal talent. And, of course, no more Rod Stewart covers collections."

>>so long trl. not that anyone really gives a damn.

>>another great recommendation i've gotten lately, is paul brill. apparently, i missed the memo on this nyc singer/songwriter who's 2004 release, new pagan love song, received much acclaim. for his latest album, harpooner, brill has managed to mix both acoustic and electronic elements. odd, "i just woke up" vocals over curious samples and beats make the entire album enjoyable. you can stream the whole thing from his site here. i've had "paris is on" stuck in my head this morning. listen for yourself...

paul brill - "paris is on"

>>i came across this program on i guess i'm floating and it really is amazing. it's called peel. essentially, it works a lot like hypemachine, but you can customize it to your favorite blogs. once you've added your blogs, peel will automatically scan the front page of each of them and collect any mp3s that are posted. then you can choose to download them from there and they will go straight into your itunes. also, you can switch back and forth from the mp3 list to the blog homepage within the program. download this now while it's free. oh, and it's only for mac users right now.

>>i caught the explorers club at the masquerade on friday. i just love those boys. you can tell that they truly love what they do. besides, who else is making such great, fun, surf pop these days? they played a few new songs along with their usual set and closed with "johnny b. goode". i had a childhood flashback to my kindergarten talent show where i sang "johnny b. goode" while attempting to play a muppet babies guitar... i pretty much ruled back then. anyway, we've featured the song "forever" on a podcast before but here it is again if you missed it the first time. plus it's one of my favorites...

the explorers club - "forever"

that's it. i'm done for the day. and i'm hungry.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Random Ramblings.

>>I had a conversation with someone yesterday that's prompting me to do a Dick of the Week. I'm not going to be subtle about this one, either, because this person has been less than subtle in airing out their dirty laundry to people who follow his music. It's unprofessional, uncalled for, and highly immature at that. So, without further ado, your Dick of the Week. I shall never utter another kind word about them or anyone they're associated with.

>>Everyone should cross their fingers for nice weather for this 99X Oysterfest thing this weekend at the Steamhouse Lounge in Buckhead. Of course, if it does happen to be raining, I'm going to be a good sport and use anoraks to keep myself somewhat dry for the drunkfest. If you happen to miss it tomorrow, or if you're a trooper and hang out all weekend, Sunday has a good list of bands playing, too. One in particular that I care for is the Beggars' Guild. So, check them out at 2:00.

Here's a little taste of one of the bands playing on Saturday if you care to have it...

Rantings of Eva - "Infrared"

>>The Gates of Berlin are calling it quits, which sucks, because they're actually good. The last show will be held at Lenny's tomorrow night, February 24th.

>>If you're in the mood for music tonight, February 23rd, there are a couple of shows. I'm going to be lame and save myself for Oysterfest and the Bridges at Smith's tomorrow...

*****At 10 High, Foreverdown is playing with the Californias.

*****At Lenny's, Gringo Star is playing fresh off a very successful UK tour.


Thursday, February 22, 2007

Did Someone Say Roadtrip?

If not, then I'm hearing things. Ally and I are going to SXSW. We have no plan other than to drive out to Austin on March 14th and stay 'til the 18th and see a million bands and drink a thousand beers. We're probably going to bring sleeping bags in case we have to crash in the car. We don't even have those cool wristbands that make you official. This is what it's all about. We're die hard, and hardcore!

I'm looking at the list of bands, and it seems endless, and I'm loving it to the fullest because it's actually giving me anxiety. The good kind, though.

Here's a list of interest...

*All The Saints from Atlanta are playing.
*Apostle of Hustle
*Army of Me
*Asobi Sesku
*Bang Bang Bang
*Beach House
*Andrew Bird
*Black Lips (from Atlanta)
*Bloc Party
*The Bravery
*City Sleeps (from Atlanta)
*Cold War Kids
*The Films
*The Futurists (from Atlanta)
*The Golden Dogs
*Albert Hammond, Jr.
*Kings of Leon
*Langhorne Slim
*Margot & the Nuclear So and So's
*Paolo Nutini
*Page France
*Peter Bjorn & John
*The Pink Spiders
*The Presets
*Snowden (from Atlanta)
*Youth Group

And that doesn't even begin to cover it. I need to take a break. I think I just had a panic attack.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Good Covers, Part Deux.

Ally posted her favorite covers yesterday, so I figured I would put mine up, too, because I am a copycat. Mine are a little on the retro side, but hey, that's just how I roll, so deal with it.

*Sixpence None the Richer - Don't Dream It's Over

I have loved this song ever since I was a kid and Crowded House was singing it. Who doesn't love this song? No one I personally know, except for that hippie I dated that one time.

*Youth Group - Forever Young

Wasn't this song in one of those cheesy movies like Napoleon Dynamite or something? I thought I remember hearing it there. Either way, this band is the poo doo dong and they're going to be at the EARL on March 22nd, so add it to your calendars. You will want to check them out further.

*Pyogenesis - Africa

I used to listen to this song a lot when I was frequenting the gym. It's a great mix of rock and dance to the tune of that lovely 80s track we all loved long ago.

*Snowden - Time of the Season

Probably one of the best covers of this Zombies song that I've heard, and I've heard a lot. This song kicks ass originally, and Snowden keeps it real.

*The Academy Is... - Working Class Hero

Ally did a John Lennon song, so I am, too. William Beckett is my super not-so-secret crush, and I loooove hearing him sing this. He does a good job on it. Of course, I find it ironic that he probably really has no idea what it's like to be a working class hero, but whatever. He's still hot.

And lastly, a special treat for you all! This is what happens when people leave things on my computer...they become mine and then I share them with you good people. This last song is actually a spoof cover of a local band's single, "Tokyo" by Modern Society. I watched the whole thing get produced, and I think the final product is good for a laugh or five. How could I ever keep it to myself? I can't. It's a song about MySpace and how dumb it really is, and part of it makes fun of the band. You're going to want to click on the link and download this gem so you can play it for all your friends and they'll suddenly think you're cooler than you really are.

Dueling Assholes - Cameltokyo

And, thanks for playing.

This weekend, be sure to hit the Oysterfest down at the Steamhouse Lounge. I'm going on Saturday to see Rantings of Eva and Rouletta. I need to be intoxicated. Come hang out and do that with me. PS - I hate oysters.

After that, the Bridges are playing Smith's with Tim Brantley. Word.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

my early morning drive [covers included].

it's been a long day, but a really great day. i couldn't sleep last night so i just went for a drive. midnight drives are one of my favorite things in life. it gives me a chance to really listen to the music without any distraction in the world. i ended up in rome, ga this afternoon. i came across some killer old vinyl in an antique store on broad street and found an amazing lane frost shirt at the salvation army. if you don't know who that is you need to do some research. it was great to just be alone and enjoy the day.

while driving i started listening to some of my favorite covers. i felt inclined to share a few of them that made the cut. enjoy.

damien rice - "when doves cry" (prince cover)

the white stripes - "jolene" (dolly parton cover)

cold war kids - "fast as you can" (fionna apple cover)

elliott smith - "jealous guy" (john lennon cover)

my morning jacket w/eddie vedder - "it makes no difference" (the band cover)

bright eyes - "mushaboom" (feist cover)

greg laswell - "girls just wanna have fun" (cyndi lauper cover)

Monday, February 19, 2007

Pretty Much the Best Thing Ever.

I found this a little too late, but I happened to stumble on it and thought I would share because, well, it's awesome. In my world, it is, at least.

Damien Rice's people have this ecard they made for Valentine's Day that you can send to people you hate. Like exes, or whatever. I actually kind of laughed at the sick way it starts off so sweet and then descends into pretty much every feeling you could conjure up regarding the holiday if you happened to have been wronged or something. Which is probably why I loved it so. I really wish I would've known about it sooner. Sigh. There's always next year. To the tune of "Rootless Tree" off the latest album, 9...

Damien Rice Ecard

Just click where it says Damien's name. And then enjoy.

I also want to mention something about that the post I made last week for bands who may want to enter into the contest Battle of the Bands thing that Lenny's is doing. There has been a date change from March 9th to April 4th, so you have more time to submit to them if you want a chance at a free video. Which is a nice prize. You get to play 3 songs at this competition. Email Lucy for more info.

This is all you can get from me today, I'm sorry to say. Things are crazy up in my world right now.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

ASCAP Showcase - The Devil Stole the Beat

I spent most of the week at Smith’s Olde Bar for the Devil Stole the Beat’s collection of artist showcases, mainly because there was a roster of killer acts all under one roof. Friday night was probably the best showing of what the city of Atlanta and surrounding areas have to offer music lovers. The first act I caught was Corey Crowder, who is a singer/songwriter that apparently has a pretty big following, despite the fact that the dude is a rip off of John Mayer. If I wanted to be ripped off, I’d go to the movies. Even his voice is seriously lacking in originality. All I could hear in my head while he was playing was, “Next!” Well, that and, “Your Body is a Wonderland.” Maybe he’s trying to win the heart of Jessica Simpson? Good luck with that...

Afterwards, a band that recently made a move to Athens from Orlando, Summerbirds in the Cellar, played a set of intriguing and unique rock songs. It was loud. It was proud. It was spectacular. So much, in fact, that I plan to boogie down to their next show on April 27th at the Drunken Unicorn, which you should plan to do as well. Unless you suck. After Summerbirds cleared out, a band out of Nashville that’s making buzz all over blogs and publications, How I Became the Bomb, took the stage. This band is hilarious. Really. Most of the lyrics are highly sarcastic and the beats are catchy enough to have you in a fit of borderline epilepsy. I was a little disappointed I didn’t hear my favorite song off their EP, “Fat Girls Talkin’ ‘Bout Cardio.” Yes, they have a song named that and it’s exactly what you think it’s about. Genius.

Overall a pretty good showing, even if I was a little put off by the first guy. Thanks to ASCAP for feeding me drinks. If you weren't there to laugh and point at the chick who had no sense of balance (read: fell on her ass) and toted around toilet paper on her heel, then make sure you're at the show next time they throw a shindig. It never fails, my friends. PS - The chick, in case you're not following, was yours truly.

Summerbirds in the Cellar - Behold the Wolf

How I Became the Bomb - Killing Machine

And now, I will leave you with this highly disturbing and muy sad visual of everyone's favorite trainwreck, who appears to think she can pull off a Sinead O'Connor:

That's Britney Spears. And here I thought I was the only one having a nervous breakdown...

Friday, February 16, 2007

These Are My Confessions.

>>>Pick of the Week. I know it's been a while since I've done one, but better late than never is what I always say...

Since they're playing tonight and I've had this song, "Behold the Wolf," playing on constant repeat because of how well the harmonies are intertwined throughout, I'm picking Summerbirds in the Cellar. They'll be playing somewhere in the time frame of 8:30 at Smith's Olde Bar. Upstairs. I will be leaving there with a copy of the full recorded material, I promise you that. Oh, the show is a mere $6, and the line-up tonight is phenomenal. Do yourself a favor and GO. You can point and laugh at me and my intoxication.

>>>Dick of the Week. Also haven't done one of these in a while. But I have one this week. A certain singer with a very non-gay haircut had the audacity to email me and inform me that despite the fact that I have been good to him, that will not, (and I'm going to quote this because it was so good) "help my chances with the nookie." Nookie? First of all, I'm sorry you think I'm that desperate for "nookie." Second of all, you might want to remember what my iPhoto Library holds before you get so, ahem, "cocky."

>>>Last night I went up to Smith's for the BMI showcase. I give props to all involved in putting that together, because I thought it was a success. I caught a few things to speak of, I suppose.

---->I saw a couple of songs of Andy Zipf. It wasn't bad, although I make it no secret that I'm not fond of that whole singer/songwriter thing, as it tends to bore me after about 2 songs. The guy has a super voice.

---->I also caught half of a song from the Less. It's not that they weren't good, it was that they were so loud, I couldn't stand and listen to it. The small snippet I did hear sounded a little bit like that pop-punk stuff. More pop rock than punk, though.

--->And then I saw about three songs of Nathan Angelo. So, I couldn't place what it reminded me of. Although, finally, while showering this morning, a comparison to the sound of "Sunday Morning" by Maroon 5 came to mind. This is in addition to the pool of artists like Teddy Geiger, Michael McDonald, and a few others that my escort and I came up with. Piano rock. My escort liked it so much that he actually cried a little when he learned he was a dollar short of being able to purchase the CD. Poor guy. Maybe next time...

>>>Finally for today, Ally mentioned this to me last week, and the funny thing is that I thought about doing it, but never really got proactive about it. Since this blog is "Confessions," we're going to ask local rockstars to confess something to us that we can use. We managed to collect one at the Devil Stole the Beat launch party, and I managed to collect one last night. The juicier the better, but baby steps, people, baby steps. Andy Lee, the drummer for a superb act called Estates, who we have spoken highly of here, told us that sometimes when he's in the car, and Three Days Grace comes on the radio, he doesn't change the station. I think he may have even said he sings along. I'll save the other confession for another time.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Cool Stuff.

Tonight kicks off the round of showcases for the Devil Stole the Beat fiasco over at Smith's Olde Bar. Go there.

And if you're one of those lame people who only goes to shows on weekends, then you're in luck. Two good shows on Saturday, February 17th, for you to check out:

>>>Smith's Olde Bar: The Beggars' Guild and Bishop Don.
>>>Drunken Unicorn: League of Evil.

How about some cool poo that I was sent in the email and got excited about? Okay. So basically, one of my most favorite bands in the world is Metric. Yes, I'm aware Emily Haines came from Broken Social Scene and many other places. Well, I got these videos of one of Metric's performances, so I'm going to post a couple of my favorite songs from the last album. You can watch them. Love Metric. Click the linky links if you want to see more...

On second thought, I'm stupid and couldn't figure out how to put it here. and I have no patience today. Forgive me. Maybe another time. I have this website though.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

just some catchin up.

i'm not exaggerating when i say that there has been sooooo much new music to catch up on lately. luckily though, for the most part, it has all been pretty fantastic.

arcade fire - neon bible

>>believe the hype. the highly anticipated album really is that good. i remember the first time i listened to funeral and thought, "wow... now this is an original sound." then i listened to neon bible and was relieved to hear that butler and chassagne stuck with their distinct sound. lyrically, this album is much darker than the previous one. i'm a big lyric person so i really dig it. the single "intervention" offers up some troubled lines like, "working for the church while your family dies / you take what they give you / and you keep it inside / every spark of friendship and love / will die without a home" and in "windowsill", which is quickly becoming one of my favorites, they deliver the soon-to-be-famous line, "mtv, what have you done to me? / save my soul, set me free! / set me free! what have you done to me? / i can't breathe! i can't see! / world war III / when are you coming for me?". when backed by the organ alone at the start of "my body is a cage", butler's voice comes across as sinister and just plain eerie. which is why i love it. actually, i love all of it. buy this album on 3/6. and then go see them @ the civic center on 5/1 with me.

andrew bird - armchair apocrypha

>>the man is an undisputed genius. and armchair apocrypha only reiterates that fact. i wrote this on my myspace at one point, but this album could score a modern ballet or something. maybe it's the intricate violin work that makes me think of little, ballerinas frolicking across a stage... anyway... "imitosis" is by far and away my favorite track combining violin and lyrics that make my head spin. how bird manages to come up with the things he does just baffles me. "dark matter" is very playful and opens with about 45 seconds of his trademark whistling as well as the line, "when i was just a little boy / i threw away all of my action toys / while i became obsessed with operation" which sets the song up perfectly. armchair apocrypha comes out 3/20 and it's definitely not for the feeble minded.

cloud cult - the meaning of 8

>>i had never heard of this band before, but my friend matt recommended them to me. i did a little research on the guys and found out that they are hardcore environmentalists. they use diy packaging from 100% recyclable materials and even plant trees before they head out on tour. i personally think that's pretty awesome. i've been listening to the meaning of 8 pretty much nonstop since i got it and it's absolutely killer. they use a plethora of sounds and techniques meaning each song is something completely different, giving them no definitive sound or genre. it's the perfect album for all, because it has a little bit of everything... electro-beats, funky bass lines, and craig minowa's trippy, emotional vox. this band is doing something new and that's why you should buy the album in stores on 4/10 or you can order it online directly from their site now. you can also stream some songs from the meaning of 8 on their myspace, too. i dig all of it, but i'm loving "a girl underground". see for yourselves... they're playing @ smith's on 4/3.

cloud cult - "a girl underground"

fall out boy - infinity on high

>>yeah yeah... i'm a blogger, i'm supposed to be too indie for bands like fall out boy. but who cares?? i love them and infinity on high is one hell of a catchy album. i kept hearing how different this album was from from under the cork tree(aka fuct), but it's really not and i don't mean that negatively either. yes, it's more arrogant. yes, it's darker. yes, it's sexier. and arrogance, darkness, and sexiness are all equally good, but at the end of the day, it's still the same catchy, rock-pop band that brought us an evening out with your girlfriend and take this to your grave. the album opens with the song "thriller" which features an intro by jay-z and quickly jumps to the infectious chorus of "so long live the car crash hearts..." patrick stump's vox on "i'm like a lawyer with the way i'm always trying to get you off (me & you)" are fantastic, just wish it was that good live all the time. one of my favorite tracks is "do you know who i think i am?" which has handclaps so i score some indie cred there. whatever. go buy infinity on high. listen to it and then we'll talk. oh, and then come with me to the show on 4/19 @ hifi-buys.

there is so much more music to write about... and i'll get to it eventually. but for now i'm out.
see you all at the devil stole the beat shindig. woot woooooot!!! oh, did you know that several midwestern states celebrate a day called "sweetest day" on the 3rd saturday of october? i just found this out and it sucks for them... they get screwed twice a year.
garrett rules.

Monday, February 12, 2007

The Devil Stole the Beat.

We're not slackers, I swear. Ally and I actually recorded a podcast last week, but my dear partner is having computer problems at the moment, so you'll have to sit tight. I think we got too drunk for this one anyways.

However, here's the deal with this week. I'm so so so psyched about the show coming up at Smith's Olde Bar on Friday that I could mess myself with excitement. I have a feeling that might involve glitter and butterflies or something. It's actually a three day festival type thing being held by The Devil Stole The Beat, and it involves many sponsors, including ASCAP and BMI.

To kick things off, there's a launch party on Wednesday, February 14th at the Loft. I'll probably go since it's Valentine's Day and I just got rid of one of the two dogs I had. In case you're wondering, Roxie's still here. Buy me a drink. I have no money right now. Moving along...

Thursday, February 15th at Smith's Olde Bar, BMI is having their showcase, and a band we've spoken of on here before, The Working Title, will be playing with the Less, Owen Beverly, and Nathan Angelo. I've decided I really want to see this Owen Beverly kid. Click on his name, and you will hear why. If you can't hear, think about all the songwriting greats you know of, and put them in a ball of goodness. And that's what he sounds like. $6.00, I believe. And get there around 8:00ish.

Friday, February 16th is the ASCAP showcase, also at Smith's Olde Bar, and I am so super duper excited about two bands in particular, mainly because I haven't seen them yet, but I'm addicted to the recorded material. Summerbirds in the Cellar, and How I Became the Bomb are throwing my brain into a music feeding frenzy on two completely different levels. Summerbirds have this raw retro-y rock thing going on, and HIBTB is a band with funky dance-like beats and lyrics that have me snickering. They have a song on their EP called "Fat Girls Talkin' 'Bout Cardio." Hellllo. Also playing are Rouletta and Dead Confederate, both from Atlanta. Again, get there at 8:00, shell out $6.00.

That's really all I have for now. Well, that I feel like typing out.

On one other note, if you are with a band, this might be of some interest to you. I have been in touch with this girl who is creating a local music video show for GSTV, and she is throwing a little Battle of the Bands thing at Lenny's on March 5th. Submissions are being taken, and the winner gets a slot on the show with a newly made video. It sounds like it's going to be a great thing for bands to get some exposure they wouldn't normally have, so if you'd like to enter to be in this contest, then shoot an email over to Lucy at Lenny's.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Lowering the Curtain on Memphis.

As not much seems to be going on that I haven't already mentioned, I thought I would go over Atlanta's Rantings of Eva's EP, Lowering the Curtain on Memphis, that's now available for download on iTunes. It's a collection of seven songs, and if you've ever seen the band live, then you've heard most of them before. This a somewhat poppy rock band with distinctive tunes and catchy lyrics, which is immediately a recipe for success as far as I'm concerned. Of course, I've had my hands on it for quite some time, and honestly, I'm still listening to it ever since I got about 2 months ago. I can't stop! I think my favorites are "Bright Side," which kind of reminds me of another band I really love, Pinback, and "Valhalla," which is a slower ballad that has an uncanny way of displaying the vocal range of singer, Ryan Flanagan. You can listen to "Bright Side" in it's entirety on their MySpace page.

There's really no dispute about who my favorite local band's them. It has been for a while. I make that very clear. So, if you're looking for something to change your musical routine, I highly suggest this. If you want to see them live, plan on getting your aphrodisiac appetite on at Oysterfest 2007. They play Saturday, February 24th at 4:30. Bring hot sauce and saltines.

Oh, and here's the lovely album artwork.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Email Jail.

Once again, I've been bombarded with emails from various promo people working with bands all over the place. So, I'll share some of the stuff that might be of interest.

By the way, Greg Hester was amazing last night. He did a little cover of "Elenor Rigby," which he told me afterwards was for me!! Yay! That's probably one of my most favorite Beatles songs because of the pronounced implementation of the strings. Greg has a cellist on stage with him, and man, it was so bad ass. He'll be back around soon, so check it out next time. I'm serious. Stop ignoring me.

>>>I haven't had a chance to give a listen to these first two tracks, but I'm going to include them because the pictures I was sent make me think these two groups are kind of out there.

*****Childbite is a band out of Michigan boasting an experimental sound. Here's a couple mp3s:

Childbite - Bone Sleep
Childbite - Broach for Two

And, Andrew Douglas Rothbard is a guy who appears to be compared to Devendra Banhart.

ADR - High Upon Love
ADR - Indigo

>>>Our friends over at Filter have sent an mp3 from the band Great Northern out of Los Angeles. This intrigues me because there is a chick singer, and lately, I've found bands that throw that in have really become appealing to me for some reason. And they're going to be at SXSW, which I'm dying to go to (anyone want to fund my trip? anyone?) because only the best of the best are normally there.

Great Northern - Home

>>>Finally, I have a couple links to videos from bands that seem to be getting some decent and well-deserved buzz.

*****First, Explosions in the Sky. I have a few of their songs in my library, and I like the space-like feeling of them. They are actually coming to town on March 13th at Lenny's.

Greet Death Video

*****Second, this band was just here 2 weeks ago. I missed the boat on that one. The Rapture.

Get Myself Into It Video

Alright. That was exhausting so I'm going to stop now. Check some of it out so I don't feel like I'm wasting my time...

Oh, but here's a PS. I was interviewed, along with Rich from Cable & Tweed, by James over at Metroblogging Atlanta for a blog he writes for about my views on the impact of blogging about music. If you'd like to here.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Jack Bauer is in the Building.

Well, in case you were under a rock this weekend, you probably heard that Kiefer Sutherland was in town to introduce Rocco deLuca & The Burden at the Tabernacle Saturday night. I took a picture, but it was so shitty that I decided against including it here. I'm sure Ally has a better one. I'm sure she'll have plenty more to say about the show than I, especially since I only stayed for the first three songs, which I really liked. I left because I am a new mom. And I felt bad for leaving the girl by herself her first night in the new place. How could you not...?

Anyways, enough about my personal life...

>>>Shows to note:

******Tonight, Monday, February 5th: My favorite soulful artist is playing at Blind Willie's in case you're up for getting rid of that case of the Mondays you're carrying around...which I am. Greg Hester!

******Thursday, February 8th: My friend Blink is having an art show at the Eastside Lounge, and I'll be doing that, because it's FREE. Also, afterwards, some dude name Flosstradamus is spinning for KissAtlanta at Azul. It's supposed to be amazing. You can get more info on that link...and even see a video of him in action. It's $10.

******Saturday, February 10th: The Futurists will be at the Masquerade. I put the pretty flyer up last week! So...scroll down.

That's it for now. Except for that I totally bought a ticket to go see Billy Joel on March 1st. Just one because I couldn't afford another one. So, if anyone else is going - let me know! I want to have a fun, snooty drink beforehand. Cheers!

Friday, February 02, 2007


So there's a couple of highly anticipated albums coming out pretty soon. Like next week, I believe. I only say this because I have been waiting for them...

And thanks to my pal R, I've had the chance to listen to them. So, here's what I think...since he wanted to know and now I've had a chance to give a good listen...

>>>Bloc Party - Weekend in the City comes out next Tuesday. I'm STILL listening to Silent Alarm, and I'm happy to say that my playlist has been extended to include this new one. A tad on the lighter side in some areas, the album's overall feel is somewhat eerie in nature, but still has me wanting to be in a room filled with sweaty bodies and flashing lights...and lots of beer. Or, better yet, rollerskating. With speed skates, not Brownies. And glo-sticks. I'm completely hooked on "Hunting for Witches" and "I Still Remember." Some of the tracks are slow to start, but then bombard into this amazing rock/dance fusion that Bloc Party is known to smack you with. The coolest part about this post is that I can direct you to the band's MySpace and you can stream the whole damn thing. Judge for yourself...

Bloc Party - I Still Remember

>>>The Arcade Fire - The band has this pretty confusing and kick ass site for their newest, Neon Bible where you can get a little sample of the songs and waste time on a virtual playground. The Arcade Fire is one of those bands that has a unique sound throughout each song. I did catch myself making comparisons to Bruce Springsteen in my head on a few of the tracks, which I thought was weird, until I went back and listened again and realized my mind hasn't changed much from that. Especially on "Keep the Car Running" and "Antichrist Television Blues." But those are really the only two, I guess. The single is called "Black Mirror," and you can hear it on their MySpace. The rest of the album has that angelic-type feel of past Arcade Fire stuff. Overall, I think it's going to satisfy anyone who's been a fan in the past. It hits stores March 6th.

The Arcade Fire - Intervention

>>>On the local front, I saw Elevation again. I feel like their live show has gotten better than the last time I saw it, but the music still doesn't do a whole, whole lot for me. Although, I will say there were times when I caught my foot tapping against my chair, so hey, maybe it just needs to grow on me.

I stuck around for the last band, Tentonic, and I was immediately reminded of Oasis. And then I continued to be reminded of Oasis all night. Not bad, because I like Oasis a whole lot, but also not jumping out at me for the same reason. We call that a Catch 22, I think.

Overall a pretty good show for a Thursday night. Naturally, I was more excited to see Rantings of Eva than anyone else, and they kind of proved to me why I get like that. Anywho, I'm out.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Good Music is the New Blog.

>>>Today is my Friday. I have the day off tomorrow, therefore, I will be heading out to Smith’s Olde Bar tonight to see Rantings of Eva, who just happen to have their new recorded material, Lowering the Curtain on Memphis, available on iTunes now. And, um, you need to have it. Trust me. If you don’t like it, then I give you permission to smack me. Here’s a little more info: A little more info.

>>>Elsewhere, Atlanta’s own Snowden is reaching great heights, once again. They have a video for "Like Bullets" available here. It’s actually kind of creepy. I don’t know why, but it is. It’s very cool, though. I actually hated this song the first couple times I heard it, but now I get super excited when it crosses my ears. It’s pretty brilliant. They’re about to go on tour AGAIN. Atlanta’s not on the list, but hey, here’s a free download of "Anti Anti" for you, in case you happen to be the only person left in the world who doesn’t have it.

Snowden - Anti Anti

>>>I also thought I would take this blog time we have together to mention this band that sent me their CD that I listened to and thought, "Yes! Another band in Atlanta that doesn’t blow!" You know, it’s rare that I get a CD and think that… The band I speak of is Long Knives, and their album is one of those that’s very mellowed out. I had it in the car and just kind of let my mind wander while I was listening to it, but it was in a good way. It made me feel a little hopeful. There’s an incorporation of violin and pedal steel, but this is NOT bluegrass, and it’s NOT alt-country. It’s nothing like either one of those. It’s unique. So, you know, go on over to the link above and see what’s up with them.

>>>Make some plans for next Saturday, February 10th. Make them to include seeing the Futurists at the Masquerade. Why? Oh, because they’re awesome, and they have this pretty flyer.

>>>I haven’t listened to these yet, because I’ve been listening to other stuff, but once again, I’ll share, because I heart sharing free music. Oh, and because this band, The Makes Nice, has a bunny rabbit in their press photos, and I love bunny rabbits. Just look at the little guy!

The Makes Nice - Candy Wrapper
The Makes Nice - California Sun

Go out! Do something. I'll see you there...