Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Sorry So Long.

I think Ally and I have both been rather lazy during the holiday season. Can you blame us?

Thanks to the bands and anyone else that came out to the inaugural showcase this past Friday. It was a huge success, even though the sound was poop. I hope everyone enjoyed the free beer, because now I'll have to work overtime to make up for it since I made zero dollars from the door. Go figure.

Anyways, I figured I would take this post as an opportunity to point out a couple of interesting happenings/tidbits.

Shows this weekend that have caught my eye include:

*Friday, January 5th: The Heart Attacks, Steadlur, and the Booze at the Masquerade. Cock rock is what I would call that line-up.

*Saturday, January 6th:
-->Morning State and Mary O. Harrison will be at Smith's Olde Bar supporting Five Eight.

-->Moresight, the Preakness, and Luigi will be at Lenny's. And Cable & Tweed has some musical samplings if you're interested.

And here's some news:

*The Judies are on the cover of this month's Southeast Performer. They're also scheduled to play the SNC Family Picnic being held on January 12th at Vinyl. Unfortunately (not really), I will be in New York City on vacay, so I have to miss it. But you shouldn't. Other bands scheduled to perform that night include Variac and Rouletta, both of whom do not suck ass. Tickets and info found here.

*Kate Moss says she hasn't married Pete Doherty . . . yet. Maybe they just have good drugs in Thailand or something.

*I already knew this, but England also thinks Rod Stewart is something special.

*I'd probably be a pothead if my name was George Michael, too.

*You Ain't No Picasso lists their Top 20 Songs of '06. I'm too lazy to do that. Maybe one day I won't be.

*The digital music marketplace is speaking volumes.

*George Harrison can finally R.I.P. now that the crazy stalker lady has expired in a untimely way.
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