Monday, January 08, 2007

Showcase Number 2...

Alrighty, I've been hard at work since around November trying to put a show together for January 20th (you may have already realized that, though, if you read the blog regularly). Unfortunately, I've had a hard time pinning down a headlining band, however, that has ended today. That's right. I've secured one of the best line-ups I could possibly ask for. Here's the info, kiddies...write it down in your calendar right this instant so you can be sure to be there.

Saturday, January 20th
at Vinyl
You can buy your tickets, which are $8, ahead of time here!


The Bridges (Probably one of the most adorable bands I've ever seen, made up mostly of chicks. They have a poppy/country/rock sound to them that sets them apart from most everything out there. They use more than one vocalist and have a range like no other, which I just love about them. Entertaining to watch, and even better to listen to.)

Bang Bang Bang (One of the most popular rock groups traveling around the southeast right now, and for good reason. Their home is in Nashville, but Atlanta loves them immensely.)

Chainestereo (The only local band of the night, I'm telling you right now that they are the next big thing in Atlanta. Believe me or not, your choice, but at least come out early and give them a listen. These kids are all over the place and give you a real show for your money.)

So, get your ass to this show. I can't believe I was able to land three great bands on such a short notice. If you need or want any more info, please email me. Yay!

Here is a flyer I made (no, I'm not gay, I just really like rainbow colors...I'm a girl, geez):

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