Monday, January 08, 2007

The Rules.

I stayed away from shows this weekend...too much money to be saved for impending trip to NYC this coming weekend. However, there was apparently a huge fiasco on Saturday, and, since I was not actually there, I will direct your attention to James' post on Metroblogging Atlanta if you want to know what went down at the 585. Something about serving alcohol without a permit/license. I'm sure no one saw that one coming...riiiight.


*Burt Bacharach's daughter committed suicide.

*Local Atlanta band, The Judies, have a couple of new songs posted on Myspace that you should go listen to. While I'm mentioning that, I'll also tell you that if I were to be in town on Friday, the only place I would be is the Loft to see them, Variac, Rouletta, and Ocha La Rocha. If you're into rock music that doesn't suck ass, you should go check this out. Best line-up I've seen in a long time. Seriously.

*R.E.M. will probably get the thumbs up from the Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame today.

*Marilyn Manson was served divorce papers...on his birthday. I wonder if he even noticed.

That's all I got today. Sorry it's not more eventful, but it IS Monday, and time to get back to the grinding stone...
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