Friday, January 05, 2007

News, Pick, and Dick!

Wow, I have heard so much gossip lately that it's just unreal. Really. Mindblowing, in fact. But, seeing that I don't want to ruin my chances of hearing gossip ever again, I'm just going to keep my mouth shut about it. I know how disappointed you are.

Let me do a Pick of the Week today. Since I'm uber lazy, I think I'll just link the band's MySpace and you can go listen and see if you likey. I'm going to go with the Preakness this week, because I like the unique tunes they have. They're playing at Lenny's tomorrow night, January 6th. And it's only a measly $5 to get in. So go check that out.

Hey, I guess I can do a Dick of the Week as well. Even though I'm on "happy" pills now, I'm still irritated at a someone and his girlfriend who has a rather large, uninformed mouth attached to her. And so it is, the Dick of the Week, a boy (I won't give him the title of "man") who happens to make his living as the "talent buyer" for the newest "venue" in town that cleverly goes by the address at which it sits. You should take the money you make, sir, and enroll yourself in some business classes at the local community college.

And how about some news? Yes, that's a fine idea.

**Surely you've heard by now that Busta Rhymes was arrested in NY. Well, it looks like Busta busted out.

**Album sales for 2006 went down. No shit?! I'm so surprised. Yawn.

**I almost cried yesterday when I heard that the Police might have some kind of reunion.

**According to Brooklyn Vegan, Lily Allen has her doggie back. Some people are such dillholes.

**Here's a cool Decemberists video on I Guess I'm Floating.

**Playboy likes the Atlanta venue, the EARL.

**The Cold War Kids are going on tour, and they're coming to Atlanta on March 23rd at Vinyl.

That's about all I can handle for one day. Word.
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