Friday, January 26, 2007

"i'll bet your friends all hate me now, i get the strangest looks from that bitchy crowd..."

here's another something great to come out of cali lately, the airborne toxic event.

ok, i know the name isn't that appealing, but after stumbling across these guys (and girl) late one night on the space, i've been ridiculously hooked. dubbing their own sound as that ever-so-trendy ghettotech, i think garage-pop is a much better description. actually, the strokes meets franz ferdinand is an even more accurate one. unfortunately, there isn't too much info floating around on the band and their site doesn't offer up much either, except that the band was named one of the top 25 bands on myspace by rolling stone. which is pretty awesome, but the tunes speak for themselves. the song "wishing well" has a joy division-like opening and quickly develops into the perfect, infectious pop song. "does this mean you're moving on?" is much more modest mouse, but it has the ability to get stuck in my head for days. either way, check 'em out. this band will soon be all over the place and i heart them.

the airborne toxic event - "does this mean you're moving on?"

the airborne toxic event - "wishing well"
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