Thursday, January 11, 2007

i needed a hiatus, but i'm back. life is grand.

i know... i'm a slacker, but after the holiday season i got sick. real sick. and then i had to drive my dad's car around having only the radio for entertainment. it has been terrible. but today i picked my car up and on the drive home i cranked up my stereo and sang obnoxiously loud all the way home. sorry for explaining all of that, but the moral of my story... radio + sickness = unmotivated music blogger.

now that it's over, let's discuss some simply wonderful music that has pulled me out of my funk lately.

i am in love with the new gruff rhys song, "candylion". sadly i was never really that into the super furry animals. mainly because all of that welsh confused the hell out of me. but then i saw gruff sing "hello sunshine" at bonnaroo this year. needless to say it changed my life. enjoy.

gruff rhys - "candylion"

when i first heard the new clap your hands say yeah stuff i was mortified. then i listened again. and again. and now i'm convinced that these guys are going to put out another superb album when some loud thunder comes out on the 30th of this month. alec ounsworth's vox are not for everyone and i hated "satan said dance" on first listen because it was too dancy, but now it's my favorite. i'm fickle.

clap your hands say yeah - "satan said dance"

i have to thank rich over at cable & tweed for the next one- sometime way back before xmas he sent me the how i became the bomb ep. i can't tell you how many times i've listened to it. he put up a link for "fat girls talkin bout cardio" which is great, but i'm gonna have to go with "secret identity" only because i've been in this weird, foot-tapping-music mood since new year's eve. maybe it was all the faint i listened to. either way, these guys are great and they'll be at smith's on feb. 13.

how i became the bomb - "secret identity"

this last band is red monroe... i don't really remember how i stumbled upon them... i think somewhere i read that they were for fans of wolf parade. so of course i had to listen to them. i can kind of understand the whole wolf parade reference with the shrieking and all, but these boys certainly have their own sound that is much more melodic. please do yourself a favor and check out their myspace to hear more tracks. coincidentally, when i just looked, it appears that they're playing a show with manchester... small world.

red monroe - "carolina cigarette"

i hope everyone is able to come out and support all the bands playing the blog showcase next saturday. remember, you can get your tickets ahead of time here.

we ♥ the bridges, bang bang bang, and chainstereo and you will, too!

alright, that's it for me. i desperately need to learn how to go to sleep before 4.
p.s. i absolutely cannot wait for 24 on sunday. my heart may explode.
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