Friday, January 26, 2007

A Good Cause.

So outside of Vinyl last Saturday, Ally and I were in a heavy conversation, and this chick walked by with a dog, and I was like, "I want a dog!" I used to have one, but she didn't work out well with my new living situation, so I gave her to a very loving family with lots of land and a canine companion for her. I've always been a huge advocate for anything to help man's best friend. I've sat in council meetings to protest closing of animal shelters, I've donated money, I've opted for the "Spay and Neuter" car tag . . . and now, I want to let a little bundle of joy into my life so we can be BFF. The only condition is that he or she be a rescue dog. They're the best kind because they're so grateful, and I know this because my family has rescued in the past.

The reason I bring all of that up is because tomorrow night, I just found out that there is a charity event at Trackside Tavern in Decatur with Beautiful Mess and Kyle Gordon (from Kill Gordon) to raise money for Rescue Me! Animal Project. It sounds like this is going to be a fun, hang out and have some beers type of setting, so if you're around, please go by and support. These people spend their time and energy to love and care for these animals and to try to find people like myself to give them a better life, so any help would be great.

This is one of the doggies Rescue Me! has for adoption.

Official message from Beautiful Mess:

Hey boys and girls,

We'll be live @ TRACKSIDE in Decatur this Saturday, at 9pm. It's a FREE show and all proceeds from the evening go to benefit the Rescue Me! Animal Project, a great non-profit charity right here in Atlanta...

Word on the street is that Kyle from Kill Gordon will also be playing an acoustic set.

So come out and drink it up for a good cause!!!

Check our page for more details, or visit Rescue Me! online at:

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