Monday, January 22, 2007

Free mp3s Galore.

First of all, I want to thank anyone and everyone who came out to the show Saturday night to see the Bridges, Bang Bang Bang, and Chainestereo. There was a great crowd, and the music was simply stellar. We'll do another one in the future, I'm sure.

Second of all, I have been collecting a large number of emails from promo companies and labels, and quite frankly, I've been overwhelmed. I haven't had a chance to listen to it all between the holidays, the vacation I took, and being a miserable person in general. But, I figured I wouldn't hold them to myself anymore and let you guys have at them if you want. I still haven't listened to them, but there are a couple from artists that I'm fond of. So here you go...

**Pete Bjorn and John. I like them. I have this song in my iTunes, and I find it to be pretty catchy.

PBJ - Young Folks

**This one I haven't listened to, but it was recorded in Athens and it sounds like it probably doesn't suck. It's the Mezzanine Owls.

Mezzanine Owls - Lightbulb

**MSTRKRFT is teaming up with John Digweed to travel around on Diamonds 07 tour. I like their stuff because it's catchy and you can dance to it. Even though I don't dance in public, it comes in handy when in front of the mirror in my undergarments.

MSTRKRFT - Street Justice

**Me and the Machine Records has some new releases, and they were nice enough to share some mp3s. Which I plan to listen to later on.

Josh Preston - Picture
Nick Shelton - Marijuana Blues
Brad Sweitzer - Your Sister

**Eleni Mandell sounds like an interesting one to check out based on the write up I read about her.

Eleni Mandell - Girls

**The One AM Radio has a new album coming out February 20th and here's the single I was sent off of it.

The One AM Radio - In The Time We've Got

Okay. That's all I could find in my inbox. If you like any of it, please check it out further, by all means.
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