Saturday, January 27, 2007

Breaking Me Down.

I've already talked about both the bands I saw last night, but really, I think I just want to keep it fresh in your mind, because it seems to me like people are catching on, and I like it.

I took my prematurely buzzed bum over to Smith's Olde Bar last night to see the Beggars' Guild and Big City Sunrise. The Beggars' Guild played a few new songs, and they sounded great. I'm always amazed at how I'm taken to another spiritual realm when I'm standing there singing along with the band. They give me the la-la-land effect, which is totally embraced. They were nice enough to give me a copy of their new EP, which you should totally consider purchasing for a mere $5. Instead of spending it on an extra pizza at Domino's, throw it over to this band and get some music that you can listen to over and over (and I think you know what eventually happens to the pizza . . . ). Beggars' Guild Disc Revolt. I'm sure if you send the band a little email or MySpace message that they can arrange for you to have a tangible copy if you like. Then you can read in the cover that they thanked me! (I seriously cried a little when I saw that last night...maybe this is all paying off?)

After that, Big City Sunrise got up and played. I think I counted six band members. Either way, their fiddle dude has a mohawk and is the most bad ass you find in the southeast (besides David Blackmon...). I know...when you throw the whole factor of a fiddle in, it immediately becomes some kind of backwoods, country, honky tonk, right? Mmm, not really. Remember...DMB made that cool back in the 90's, and he is FAR from backwoods. Anyways, my point is, these dudes kick ass, and it's completely a stray from my normal listening material, but I like it. Okay, I genuinely like it. They have fun. They play because they love to. They classify themselves as a jam band, which they kind of are, but only borderline, if you ask me. Either way, check out their MySpace link up there and listen to "Folks."

And now, I'm going to go back to nursing my hangover. Yay! (I want a donut.)
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