Tuesday, January 30, 2007

annuals @ variety 1.26.06

last friday, i was uber excited to go see annuals (note the absence of "the", i'm kind of anal about that) perform for a second time.

the show was at the variety, so i was kind of interested to see what kind of crowd they would be able to pull given their recent success in the blog world. i made sure to position myself up close with surprisingly only a handful of other people so i could take it all in. and because i'm a dork.

the band took the stage right on time and went right into their set. they started out dim and stripped down, but quickly progressed into something that i can only describe as completely uninhibited. lead singer and songwriter, adam baker, is one of the most talented, eccentric musicians i've had the pleasure of watching perform. there were moments, particularly during "complete or completing" and "carry around", where i literally got chill bumps as he belted out from down on his knees. naturally, given the change in venue, the sound was 10x better this time around. i will say that i was a little disappointed they didn't interact with the audience very much, but maybe that was because there wasn't much of an audience at all. everyone who decided to forego annuals' set and show up for the dears certainly missed out. be ashamed becaused annuals definitely outshined the dears. i mean honestly... what was with that shitty encore?! do yourselves a favor and pick up be he me.
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