Tuesday, January 30, 2007

annuals @ variety 1.26.06

last friday, i was uber excited to go see annuals (note the absence of "the", i'm kind of anal about that) perform for a second time.

the show was at the variety, so i was kind of interested to see what kind of crowd they would be able to pull given their recent success in the blog world. i made sure to position myself up close with surprisingly only a handful of other people so i could take it all in. and because i'm a dork.

the band took the stage right on time and went right into their set. they started out dim and stripped down, but quickly progressed into something that i can only describe as completely uninhibited. lead singer and songwriter, adam baker, is one of the most talented, eccentric musicians i've had the pleasure of watching perform. there were moments, particularly during "complete or completing" and "carry around", where i literally got chill bumps as he belted out from down on his knees. naturally, given the change in venue, the sound was 10x better this time around. i will say that i was a little disappointed they didn't interact with the audience very much, but maybe that was because there wasn't much of an audience at all. everyone who decided to forego annuals' set and show up for the dears certainly missed out. be ashamed becaused annuals definitely outshined the dears. i mean honestly... what was with that shitty encore?! do yourselves a favor and pick up be he me.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Yee Haw!

We're going to call this post the "Yee Haw" edition, because that's what I feel like screaming from some of the stuff I'm hearing here. Well, not really, but I'm just in the mood to revisit my pseudo-equestrian roots right now. And I get excited for free music.

I've been handed some pretty awesome music here lately, and I spent most of today ripping it to my iBook (which I'm kicking myself in the ass for, since I still have no clean clothes...).

**The first band I listened to that I thought was pretty decent is this band from the UK called the Basement. This song, even though it's coming from the mother land, sounds eerily like underground rock mixed with a background of downhome bar music. I know, it sounds much like mixing a Bull Mastiff with a Shih Tzu, eh? But it's a good thing! The Basement recently toured with M. Ward, who I also happen to be fond of, which gives them added credibility in my book.

The Basement - Do You Think You're Movin' On?

**I know a few people who are into Sparta, and this for them. Well, actually it's for everyone, because I'm listening to this song, and it's kick ass. They have a new album out called Threes, and this track is totally super because of the way it changes. Down. Up. Wow. I kind of want this to be my life soundtrack for when I'm walking across a busy street in a short dress and heels. Does that make sense? Meh. Listen for yourself.

Sparta - Most Vicious Crime

**Here's one that should excite people...Albert Hammond, Jr.. This dude was the Strokes guitarist and is now out doing this solo thing that's pretty much the shit. Some of you may have been lucky enough to hit his live thing 99X had last week. I, unfortunately, have a day job, so I didn't. However, he'll be at the Roxy on March 17th if anyone wants to begin (or end) the green holiday with a kick ass musical experience. Basically, the new album is called Yours to Keep, and the names dropped on it (Ben Kweller and Sean Lennon) are making my toes curl. Go ahead and love this.

Albert Hammond, Jr. - In Transit

**Western States Motel is a band out of LA that's reminding me of a 70's type of vocal thing (think of the Shins here) with an interesting mix of acoustic-sounding guitar in the background. They even add clapping! I love clapping. I seriously want to get in my car right now and drive cross country with the windows down.

Western States Motel - Powerlines

**And now for a new guilty pleasure. But it's a rockin' one, for sure! The Safes have a sound that has me wanting to tease my hair a little, wear high heel ankle boots (over my skinny jeans), and hang out in a dark corner of a seedy bar. Where I will probably be making out with a rock musician who hasn't showered in 3 days. Yeeeesssss!

The Safes - Phonebook Full of Phonies
The Safes - Fairy Tale Tomorrow

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Breaking Me Down.

I've already talked about both the bands I saw last night, but really, I think I just want to keep it fresh in your mind, because it seems to me like people are catching on, and I like it.

I took my prematurely buzzed bum over to Smith's Olde Bar last night to see the Beggars' Guild and Big City Sunrise. The Beggars' Guild played a few new songs, and they sounded great. I'm always amazed at how I'm taken to another spiritual realm when I'm standing there singing along with the band. They give me the la-la-land effect, which is totally embraced. They were nice enough to give me a copy of their new EP, which you should totally consider purchasing for a mere $5. Instead of spending it on an extra pizza at Domino's, throw it over to this band and get some music that you can listen to over and over (and I think you know what eventually happens to the pizza . . . ). Beggars' Guild Disc Revolt. I'm sure if you send the band a little email or MySpace message that they can arrange for you to have a tangible copy if you like. Then you can read in the cover that they thanked me! (I seriously cried a little when I saw that last night...maybe this is all paying off?)

After that, Big City Sunrise got up and played. I think I counted six band members. Either way, their fiddle dude has a mohawk and is the most bad ass you find in the southeast (besides David Blackmon...). I know...when you throw the whole factor of a fiddle in, it immediately becomes some kind of backwoods, country, honky tonk, right? Mmm, not really. Remember...DMB made that cool back in the 90's, and he is FAR from backwoods. Anyways, my point is, these dudes kick ass, and it's completely a stray from my normal listening material, but I like it. Okay, I genuinely like it. They have fun. They play because they love to. They classify themselves as a jam band, which they kind of are, but only borderline, if you ask me. Either way, check out their MySpace link up there and listen to "Folks."

And now, I'm going to go back to nursing my hangover. Yay! (I want a donut.)

Friday, January 26, 2007

A Good Cause.

So outside of Vinyl last Saturday, Ally and I were in a heavy conversation, and this chick walked by with a dog, and I was like, "I want a dog!" I used to have one, but she didn't work out well with my new living situation, so I gave her to a very loving family with lots of land and a canine companion for her. I've always been a huge advocate for anything to help man's best friend. I've sat in council meetings to protest closing of animal shelters, I've donated money, I've opted for the "Spay and Neuter" car tag . . . and now, I want to let a little bundle of joy into my life so we can be BFF. The only condition is that he or she be a rescue dog. They're the best kind because they're so grateful, and I know this because my family has rescued in the past.

The reason I bring all of that up is because tomorrow night, I just found out that there is a charity event at Trackside Tavern in Decatur with Beautiful Mess and Kyle Gordon (from Kill Gordon) to raise money for Rescue Me! Animal Project. It sounds like this is going to be a fun, hang out and have some beers type of setting, so if you're around, please go by and support. These people spend their time and energy to love and care for these animals and to try to find people like myself to give them a better life, so any help would be great.

This is one of the doggies Rescue Me! has for adoption.

Official message from Beautiful Mess:

Hey boys and girls,

We'll be live @ TRACKSIDE in Decatur this Saturday, at 9pm. It's a FREE show and all proceeds from the evening go to benefit the Rescue Me! Animal Project, a great non-profit charity right here in Atlanta...

Word on the street is that Kyle from Kill Gordon will also be playing an acoustic set.

So come out and drink it up for a good cause!!!

Check our page for more details, or visit Rescue Me! online at:



"i'll bet your friends all hate me now, i get the strangest looks from that bitchy crowd..."

here's another something great to come out of cali lately, the airborne toxic event.

ok, i know the name isn't that appealing, but after stumbling across these guys (and girl) late one night on the space, i've been ridiculously hooked. dubbing their own sound as that ever-so-trendy ghettotech, i think garage-pop is a much better description. actually, the strokes meets franz ferdinand is an even more accurate one. unfortunately, there isn't too much info floating around on the band and their site doesn't offer up much either, except that the band was named one of the top 25 bands on myspace by rolling stone. which is pretty awesome, but the tunes speak for themselves. the song "wishing well" has a joy division-like opening and quickly develops into the perfect, infectious pop song. "does this mean you're moving on?" is much more modest mouse, but it has the ability to get stuck in my head for days. either way, check 'em out. this band will soon be all over the place and i heart them.

the airborne toxic event - "does this mean you're moving on?"

the airborne toxic event - "wishing well"

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Atlanta is Home of the Crunk.

I'm not sure anyone really understands how much I hate the word "crunk." And I'm pretty sure I used it in a sentence last night. Anyways, I've been nice enough to call this guy a douche in the past, and today is no exception. The Mayor of Ponce will be hosting this thing tonight, and most Thursdays, from what I understand:

First of all, I'm allowed to call the M.O.P. a douche because we go way back and he knows I love-hate him. Second of all, if you've never been to the Clermont...what's wrong with you? It's the seediest place in all of Atlanta. The last time I was there, I had a large set of breasts that smelled of PBR placed on my face. The PBR was from the beer can that was crushed in the cleavage of the lovely exotic dancer (who is also a grandmother!) only moments before. Really, the place is a landmark of this great city, and one of my favorites to drink at when the occasion calls for it. In an interview with the Mayor of Ponce last night, I'm told that this event will kick off at around 10:00. As always, I may or may not go. I've had the year from hell so far, and this would probably be a fun thing to do. But it might be cheaper if I sit at home and polish off the bottle of Grey Goose I opened last night. Anyways, there you go. Do what you will with it.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Hippie-fied Edition.

A collection of rumors, shows, things I love, and news.


**A guy I caught in Charlotte on accident is in town recording. His name is Zach Deputy, and this is what I thought about him. Read the second paragraph.

**I heard that since there is someone new booking the 10 High, it’s now all “heavy” music. Which means I’ll probably never step foot in there again.

Shows This Weekend:

**Friday, January 26Big City Sunrise is coming down from them mountains up north to play Smith’s Olde Bar with the Beggars’ Guild. If you want to see who’s headlining, be my guest, but I’m not going to mention it because I think the guy blows. Hard. Bee-lows. If you want a hint, however, click here and read the 5th paragraph.

**Saturday, January 27The Features are playing the EARL. The Features are awesome. At least, I think the music is the poo.

Things I’ve Been Attached to Recently:

**Damien Rice’s latest release, 9 Crimes. Anyone who ever got into O will be a little skeptical of the newest attempt, much like I was, but just give it time. This one is angrier. Much angrier. Some of the lyrics sting from just listening to them, so I’m sure glad I’m not on the other end of them.

**There’s this band called Dearestazazel that a friend of mine has been recording/mixing/mastering, and he let me listen to what the product was, and I was pretty much blown away. You might not get it, but I’m telling you, I put my stamp of approval on it. You can listen to it here. It’s called “Lovely Lovely.” I’m reminded of the Offspring.

**I’m really digging on Orbit Bubblemint gum. That has nothing to do with music, but it’s so good, it deserves a shout.

**I’ve recently revisited Margot and the Nuclear So & So’s. Again. So it’s been stuck in my CD player. And this weekend, I converted yet another person to love them. So you should also love them if you don’t already.


**Tentonic has some new tunes from their upcoming EP streaming on MySpace.

**The Tomatoes are streaming a new song called “Chicago” that you can listen to. They say it’s about Juliana Hatfield.

**Dead Journalist has posted their first interview of the year. They do a lot of them during the year. I guess 2007 has officially started.

**Wasted Chicken has some info on Coachella. Where I would love to be in April because Willie Nelson is going to be there. Well, there are some other cool acts, too. If anyone feels like giving away a charitable trip to yours truly, lemme know so I can ask off work. Kthanks.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Free mp3s Galore.

First of all, I want to thank anyone and everyone who came out to the show Saturday night to see the Bridges, Bang Bang Bang, and Chainestereo. There was a great crowd, and the music was simply stellar. We'll do another one in the future, I'm sure.

Second of all, I have been collecting a large number of emails from promo companies and labels, and quite frankly, I've been overwhelmed. I haven't had a chance to listen to it all between the holidays, the vacation I took, and being a miserable person in general. But, I figured I wouldn't hold them to myself anymore and let you guys have at them if you want. I still haven't listened to them, but there are a couple from artists that I'm fond of. So here you go...

**Pete Bjorn and John. I like them. I have this song in my iTunes, and I find it to be pretty catchy.

PBJ - Young Folks

**This one I haven't listened to, but it was recorded in Athens and it sounds like it probably doesn't suck. It's the Mezzanine Owls.

Mezzanine Owls - Lightbulb

**MSTRKRFT is teaming up with John Digweed to travel around on Diamonds 07 tour. I like their stuff because it's catchy and you can dance to it. Even though I don't dance in public, it comes in handy when in front of the mirror in my undergarments.

MSTRKRFT - Street Justice

**Me and the Machine Records has some new releases, and they were nice enough to share some mp3s. Which I plan to listen to later on.

Josh Preston - Picture
Nick Shelton - Marijuana Blues
Brad Sweitzer - Your Sister

**Eleni Mandell sounds like an interesting one to check out based on the write up I read about her.

Eleni Mandell - Girls

**The One AM Radio has a new album coming out February 20th and here's the single I was sent off of it.

The One AM Radio - In The Time We've Got

Okay. That's all I could find in my inbox. If you like any of it, please check it out further, by all means.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

odds and ends.

>>kings of leon will finally release their new album because of the times on april 3. more.

>>warped tour dates have been announced. great timing for atlanta, 7/18. looks like i’ll just be getting back from bonnaroo. dates here.

>>if for some reason i decide against the roo this year, i might do the pitchfork music festival july 14-15 in chicago. tickets are cheap, too. it’s only $25 for a one day pass or $35 for both days. more.

>>the decemberists have plotted some spring tour dates. think i’ll definitely attend this time around. dates here.

>>my favorite saddle creeker has set up some tour dates and announced album plans. bright eyes will embark on a small tour this spring (road trip, anyone??), which will be followed by a larger one this summer. the new album entitled, cassadaga, will be released on april 10. also, the first single, four winds, will be released as a cd/12” on march 6 and will feature five b-sides. i’m smiling from ear-to-ear. believe me.

>>brand new was on conan last night. they played “jesus christ” and it was pretty much awesome, but of course i’m biased.

>>denny doherty of the famed mamas & the papas has passed away at age 66. more.

>>epitaph turns 25. more.

>>sony bmg masterworks announced that yo-yo ma has become the first artist on their roster to sell more digital than physical copies of an album in its debut week, with itunes downloads accounting for 57% of all sales. can’t say i’m really surprised.

>>TONIGHT is the night. come out to vinyl for the showcase with the bridges, bang bang bang, and chainstereo. doors are at 8. don't be lame.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Friday Fix.

So, I was at the drug store the other day and noticed that they are already stocked with Valentine’s Day crap. Big hearts in red and pink, hoards of chocolate shaped as kisses and Cupid, and stuffed animals with sappy looking faces holding satin flowers. Come on. It’s retarded. Yes, I’m cynical and bitter. I’m a woman, after all. (As if you needed a reminder of that). In light of all the love and rainbows and puppy dogs that I keep seeing, I thought I would compile a list of songs that are the opposite of everything Valentine’s Day. Plus, I have nothing better to do right now, and the other blog I plan to write takes entirely too much time to do at this very moment. Enjoy.

*Cat Power – “Good Woman” Dear Lord this song is easily on my top list of all time favorite songs. It’s the ultimate “I love you and everything, but it’s not working out. You’re a horrible person when you’re with me and vice versa, so let’s just end it.” Aw. Really, it breaks my heart. I have so been there.

-->Favorite Lyric: “This is why I am lying when I say that I don’t love you no more.”

*Sarah McLachlan – “Path of Thorns” Sarah McLachlan might be the only reason I have a shred of sanity still left from my teenage years, and I know I’ve said that before. This song is no exception, and after just coming into the possession of Mirrorball, I have fallen in love with it again.

-->Favorite Lyric: “Funny how it seems that all I tried to do seemed to make no difference to you at all.”

*Celine Dion – “I Love You, Goodbye” I know that I lose immense amounts of street cred by using Celine Dion, but when I was a young girl just discovering love and all the pain and joy that went with it, I got attached to a few of her songs. This was one. It’s along the same lines as “Good Woman” in content.

-->Favorite Lyric: “I could say that I’ll be all you need, but that would be a crime.”

*The Beatles – “For No One” Oh man, oh man. This one is so freaking good. Typical story of boy who neglects girl, only to come home one day to find that girl no longer loves him. I’m sure this is familiar to many. Ahem.

-->Favorite Lyric: “She wakes up, she makes up, she takes her time and doesn’t feel she has to hurry. She no longer needs you.”

*Bob Dylan – “I Threw It All Away” Dylan is lyrical genius as it is, but this song really lays it out for anyone who has wronged a woman or been wronged.

-->Favorite Lyric: “I once held her in my arms, she said she would always stay, but I was cruel, I treated her like a fool, I threw it all away.”

*Jeff Buckley – “The Last Goodbye” You both know it’s over, and that the last meeting together is really the last one. The feeling is heart wrenching, and so is this song. Buckley always manages to do it, doesn’t he?

-->Favorite Lyric: “Why can't we overcome this wall? Well, maybe it's just because I didn't know you at all.”

*Sinead O’Connor – “Nothing Compares 2 U” Sorry, but the bald lady has to be mentioned. I heard this on the radio on the way to work yesterday. I had almost forgotten how much feeling you can hear in her voice, and how it’s so easily transferred just by listening.

-->Favorite Lyric: “It’s been so lonely without you here, like a bird without a song.”

*Aqualung – “Falling Out of Love” Oh so sad. The realization that you no longer are in love, even when you’re with the person. Ugh.

-->Favorite Lyric: “Feeling alone with you by my side, further and further away.”

*Ray Charles – “Drown in My Own Tears” How can you not feel blue from the blues? That man had soul, and listening to his attempts make it easy for me to slip into the blue that Mr. Charles knew so well.

-->Favorite Lyric: “I’ve cried so much since you’ve been gone, I guess I’m drowning in my own tears.”

*Ani Difranco – “Untouchable Face” Yeah, I heart Ani because she always says things in such a crass manner that’s so honest and heartfelt that you can’t help but to be just as angry as she is. This song rocks.

-->Favorite Lyric: "I see you and I'm so perplexed what was I thinking what will I think of next”

I think ten songs are enough for the day. If you have any that you want to add, please, by all means, comment. Word.


Wednesday, January 17, 2007


You'll all be happy to know that I've made it back safely from NYC, and although I am now completely broke thanks to Katz's, the Met, and all those eateries in Little Italy, I'm still wishing I could snap my fingers and move there. You just might hear me utter those words in a few months from now...

Anyways, back to business, eh? While I was on the plane coming home, I listened to AirTran's super cool satellite offering and heard a song by this band called Reel Vinyl that reminded me of a new twist on 80s inspired glam rock. So, you might want to check them out if you're interested at all in that sort of Depeche Mode/the Cure/New Order type thing.

And this weekend is quickly approaching. As far as I'm concerned, it starts tomorrow, because Fridays are 'cruise days.' If you're itching to get out of the house, I personally recommend the following:

**Tomorrow, Thursday, January 18th: I'll be over at Vinyl for the whole 99X Sunday School on the Road thing. Pasadena is playing, and they're a good alt-country rock band for all your horseriding fantasies. It's free before 9:00 for Freeloaders.

**Friday, January 19th: There are a few shows worth mentioning...

--->The Selmanaires and the Cassavetes are playing at Lenny's.

--->The Cogburns are playing at Star Bar. This is the last show with bassist Jenn, so I'm sure it's going to rock.

--->Pistolero is playing at the 11:11 Teahouse. I think I might opt for this because I don't know how much loud rock I can take in 3 days. Gaw, I'm getting old. Or maybe I'm just still in need of a little rest. Orrr, maybe I want to try something new. Check out a new band I haven't seen. That's the REAL reason. I swear. That, and I want to check out this teahouse place. I heart tea.

--->If you don't mind Suck...I mean, Buckhead, then Tim Brantley is playing with my favorite locals, Rantings of Eva.

**Saturday, January 20th: There's only one place that you should be tonight. One. That's it. And that is at the show that caused me more stress and pain than I care to go over again. The Bridges, Bang Bang Bang, and Chainestereo at Vinyl. This line-up is unique because these bands don't play often, unlike some other shows I see going on the same night. Yeah, that was a low blow, but my God, STOP PLAYING EVERY WEEK!!!! Surely someone else feels my pain of oversaturation, yes? Anyways, come to this show. Read up on my thoughts about the bands here.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

i needed a hiatus, but i'm back. life is grand.

i know... i'm a slacker, but after the holiday season i got sick. real sick. and then i had to drive my dad's car around having only the radio for entertainment. it has been terrible. but today i picked my car up and on the drive home i cranked up my stereo and sang obnoxiously loud all the way home. sorry for explaining all of that, but the moral of my story... radio + sickness = unmotivated music blogger.

now that it's over, let's discuss some simply wonderful music that has pulled me out of my funk lately.

i am in love with the new gruff rhys song, "candylion". sadly i was never really that into the super furry animals. mainly because all of that welsh confused the hell out of me. but then i saw gruff sing "hello sunshine" at bonnaroo this year. needless to say it changed my life. enjoy.

gruff rhys - "candylion"

when i first heard the new clap your hands say yeah stuff i was mortified. then i listened again. and again. and now i'm convinced that these guys are going to put out another superb album when some loud thunder comes out on the 30th of this month. alec ounsworth's vox are not for everyone and i hated "satan said dance" on first listen because it was too dancy, but now it's my favorite. i'm fickle.

clap your hands say yeah - "satan said dance"

i have to thank rich over at cable & tweed for the next one- sometime way back before xmas he sent me the how i became the bomb ep. i can't tell you how many times i've listened to it. he put up a link for "fat girls talkin bout cardio" which is great, but i'm gonna have to go with "secret identity" only because i've been in this weird, foot-tapping-music mood since new year's eve. maybe it was all the faint i listened to. either way, these guys are great and they'll be at smith's on feb. 13.

how i became the bomb - "secret identity"

this last band is red monroe... i don't really remember how i stumbled upon them... i think somewhere i read that they were for fans of wolf parade. so of course i had to listen to them. i can kind of understand the whole wolf parade reference with the shrieking and all, but these boys certainly have their own sound that is much more melodic. please do yourself a favor and check out their myspace to hear more tracks. coincidentally, when i just looked, it appears that they're playing a show with manchester... small world.

red monroe - "carolina cigarette"

i hope everyone is able to come out and support all the bands playing the blog showcase next saturday. remember, you can get your tickets ahead of time here.

we ♥ the bridges, bang bang bang, and chainstereo and you will, too!

alright, that's it for me. i desperately need to learn how to go to sleep before 4.
p.s. i absolutely cannot wait for 24 on sunday. my heart may explode.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Favorite Songs of '06.

Let's stretch out the monstrosity of 'end of the year' lists even further, shall we? Humor me, I'm bored - lucky you! So I just came up with a list of 10 songs that I really, really like that came out this year. I think that it's safe to say that you'll probably like them all. I think it's also safe to say that you can get them on iTunes. We all know how that works by now, don't we?

one: "The Funeral" by Band of Horses – I don’t think it’s the vocals, I think it’s the power in the music that makes this song appeal to so many different people. The melody isn’t anything otherworldly, and the instrumental uses aren’t revolutionary, but they somehow feel that way. (from Everything All the Time)

two: "Skeleton Key" by Margot & the Nuclear So and So’s – The use of every instrument that will fit on one stage and the partially drunk-sounding vocals make this song a force to be reckoned with. There’s so much feeling behind it that it’s transferred to the listener. (from Dust of Retreat)

three: "Lived in Bars" by Cat Power – I think I love this song because there’s a lyric that goes, "lived in bars/danced on tables" and I find it right along the lines of how I live my life. I know, that’s super classy, right? (from The Greatest)

four: "Miss Murder" by A.F.I. – Maybe you’ll question my street cred on that one, but the way the song changes tempo toward the middle is genius! As someone who isn’t nearly as technical about music, I can only say that this song makes my ears happy, and so it goes on this list. (from Decemberunderground)

five: "Behavior" by Jil Station – It’s not a secret that I’m a fan of this band, and being from Atlanta makes it even better! They released their first full-length album this year, and from the moment I heard this song, I had to put it on repeat. I still get excited when it shuffles to the iPod. (from Still Love)

six: "Don’t Feel Like Dancing" by the Scissor Sisters – This song is all over the damn place! It’s loco, and I like it! Your booty will make you get up and shake after hearing the first few lines, so just let it. You can’t win this time. (from Ta Dah)

seven: "Crazy" by Gnarls Barkley – uh, yeah, as much as I’m not a fan of the whole hip-hop movement, this song is bad ass. It does kind of like what Outkast managed to do, and that was to take stiff radio execs and moms and dads and turn them into lovers of the uni-genre sound "Crazy" emits. Word. (from St. Elsewhere)

eight: "I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor" by The Arctic Monkeys – I happened to hear this because one day I forgot to bring the iPod to work and had to radio it up to keep some sanity. And lo and behold, this song came on and I just couldn’t get it out of my head. No wonder they broke the seal of the music scene in such an intense way. (from Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not)

nine: "I Think I’m in Love" by Beck – Yeeeah, I’m gonna need you to go listen to this song, yeeeeah. Really. Funky beats, cute, sweet love story in Beck fashion…what more can you possibly ask for? Nada! (from The Information)

ten: "When You Were Young" by the Killers – The new album is no Hot Fuss, but I’ll be damned if this song isn’t worth having in the collection. Another one I’ve had on repeat since I acquired it months ago. Just can’t get enough of it. (from Sam’s Town)

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

In Case You're Interested...

James over at Metroblogging Atlanta has an update on the situation at the 585 from the owner.

Thank you. That is all.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Showcase Number 2...

Alrighty, I've been hard at work since around November trying to put a show together for January 20th (you may have already realized that, though, if you read the blog regularly). Unfortunately, I've had a hard time pinning down a headlining band, however, that has ended today. That's right. I've secured one of the best line-ups I could possibly ask for. Here's the info, kiddies...write it down in your calendar right this instant so you can be sure to be there.

Saturday, January 20th
at Vinyl
You can buy your tickets, which are $8, ahead of time here!


The Bridges (Probably one of the most adorable bands I've ever seen, made up mostly of chicks. They have a poppy/country/rock sound to them that sets them apart from most everything out there. They use more than one vocalist and have a range like no other, which I just love about them. Entertaining to watch, and even better to listen to.)

Bang Bang Bang (One of the most popular rock groups traveling around the southeast right now, and for good reason. Their home is in Nashville, but Atlanta loves them immensely.)

Chainestereo (The only local band of the night, I'm telling you right now that they are the next big thing in Atlanta. Believe me or not, your choice, but at least come out early and give them a listen. These kids are all over the place and give you a real show for your money.)

So, get your ass to this show. I can't believe I was able to land three great bands on such a short notice. If you need or want any more info, please email me. Yay!

Here is a flyer I made (no, I'm not gay, I just really like rainbow colors...I'm a girl, geez):

The Rules.

I stayed away from shows this weekend...too much money to be saved for impending trip to NYC this coming weekend. However, there was apparently a huge fiasco on Saturday, and, since I was not actually there, I will direct your attention to James' post on Metroblogging Atlanta if you want to know what went down at the 585. Something about serving alcohol without a permit/license. I'm sure no one saw that one coming...riiiight.


*Burt Bacharach's daughter committed suicide.

*Local Atlanta band, The Judies, have a couple of new songs posted on Myspace that you should go listen to. While I'm mentioning that, I'll also tell you that if I were to be in town on Friday, the only place I would be is the Loft to see them, Variac, Rouletta, and Ocha La Rocha. If you're into rock music that doesn't suck ass, you should go check this out. Best line-up I've seen in a long time. Seriously.

*R.E.M. will probably get the thumbs up from the Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame today.

*Marilyn Manson was served divorce papers...on his birthday. I wonder if he even noticed.

That's all I got today. Sorry it's not more eventful, but it IS Monday, and time to get back to the grinding stone...

Friday, January 05, 2007

News, Pick, and Dick!

Wow, I have heard so much gossip lately that it's just unreal. Really. Mindblowing, in fact. But, seeing that I don't want to ruin my chances of hearing gossip ever again, I'm just going to keep my mouth shut about it. I know how disappointed you are.

Let me do a Pick of the Week today. Since I'm uber lazy, I think I'll just link the band's MySpace and you can go listen and see if you likey. I'm going to go with the Preakness this week, because I like the unique tunes they have. They're playing at Lenny's tomorrow night, January 6th. And it's only a measly $5 to get in. So go check that out.

Hey, I guess I can do a Dick of the Week as well. Even though I'm on "happy" pills now, I'm still irritated at a someone and his girlfriend who has a rather large, uninformed mouth attached to her. And so it is, the Dick of the Week, a boy (I won't give him the title of "man") who happens to make his living as the "talent buyer" for the newest "venue" in town that cleverly goes by the address at which it sits. You should take the money you make, sir, and enroll yourself in some business classes at the local community college.

And how about some news? Yes, that's a fine idea.

**Surely you've heard by now that Busta Rhymes was arrested in NY. Well, it looks like Busta busted out.

**Album sales for 2006 went down. No shit?! I'm so surprised. Yawn.

**I almost cried yesterday when I heard that the Police might have some kind of reunion.

**According to Brooklyn Vegan, Lily Allen has her doggie back. Some people are such dillholes.

**Here's a cool Decemberists video on I Guess I'm Floating.

**Playboy likes the Atlanta venue, the EARL.

**The Cold War Kids are going on tour, and they're coming to Atlanta on March 23rd at Vinyl.

That's about all I can handle for one day. Word.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Sorry So Long.

I think Ally and I have both been rather lazy during the holiday season. Can you blame us?

Thanks to the bands and anyone else that came out to the inaugural showcase this past Friday. It was a huge success, even though the sound was poop. I hope everyone enjoyed the free beer, because now I'll have to work overtime to make up for it since I made zero dollars from the door. Go figure.

Anyways, I figured I would take this post as an opportunity to point out a couple of interesting happenings/tidbits.

Shows this weekend that have caught my eye include:

*Friday, January 5th: The Heart Attacks, Steadlur, and the Booze at the Masquerade. Cock rock is what I would call that line-up.

*Saturday, January 6th:
-->Morning State and Mary O. Harrison will be at Smith's Olde Bar supporting Five Eight.

-->Moresight, the Preakness, and Luigi will be at Lenny's. And Cable & Tweed has some musical samplings if you're interested.

And here's some news:

*The Judies are on the cover of this month's Southeast Performer. They're also scheduled to play the SNC Family Picnic being held on January 12th at Vinyl. Unfortunately (not really), I will be in New York City on vacay, so I have to miss it. But you shouldn't. Other bands scheduled to perform that night include Variac and Rouletta, both of whom do not suck ass. Tickets and info found here.

*Kate Moss says she hasn't married Pete Doherty . . . yet. Maybe they just have good drugs in Thailand or something.

*I already knew this, but England also thinks Rod Stewart is something special.

*I'd probably be a pothead if my name was George Michael, too.

*You Ain't No Picasso lists their Top 20 Songs of '06. I'm too lazy to do that. Maybe one day I won't be.

*The digital music marketplace is speaking volumes.

*George Harrison can finally R.I.P. now that the crazy stalker lady has expired in a untimely way.