Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Who's Not a Rockstar?

Yeah. I was (jokingly) accused of not being as rockstar as I used to be early last night, so I decided to go and prove the accuser wrong. Thanks to Caren West, there was another fabulous afterparty at Piebar last night following the Butch Walker show, and I went...and I took the accuser with me since he apparently is an acquaintance of Mr. Walker. Once again, Caren threw a super party (big ups to her for the dress she was wearing, which I am now totally in love with), and Butch was nice enough to converse with us "little people."

To prove my rockstarness, I made sure I got tipsy, inadvertently dumped an entire liquor drink on poor Butch, sang "Every Rose Has It's Thorn" at the almost-top of my lungs, stayed out til 4:00 this morning, and still made it to the "real job" showered, and on time. Dude, if that's not rockstar, I'm not sure what is. I missed the show due to consumption of dinner beverages, but I heard from a good source that Butch put on his usual energetic and engaging performance. I also heard the pseudo-go-go dancers from July were not present. For reasons I've made known, this makes me smile.

Thanks to Butch and Caren for giving me back my rockstar status.

And FYI today-

**A guy named Wiener finally gets his fill of John Lennon's past from secret FBI papers.

**Lifetime acheivement awards are in order, and it looks like hippies are all over this one.

**Procol Harum is having issues with one of my most favorite songs EVER. Did they actually have any other songs?

**Locally, Jon Harris and the Sin Hounds will be playing with the A-Sides (love them!) at Blind Willie's on December 28th That's the day before my birthday. And the day before you come see Chris Unck & the Black Roses, League of Evil, the Beggars' Guild, and Rantings of Eva play our first showcase, eh...

**Cable & Tweed informs readers of an interesting little happening going on tonight.

**You Ain't No Picasso thinks the new Bright Eyes is going to be worth it.

Ally called me last night. She's in Chicago at the moment and wanted to tell me how bad ass Damien Rice is live. Lucky bitch.
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