Wednesday, December 13, 2006

We Needed a Facelift.

So, I spent some time dorking it up, and now we have a more personalized interface for the time being. Bear with us...we aren't computer dorks, we're music dorks, so we can only make it look as good as it can with our limited knowledge.

I hope you guys like the new look.

This weekend, if you're into the whole "Americana" type music, you might want to head to the Loft on Friday night to see Tim Brantley, Pasadena, the Beggars' Guild, and the Lonely Hearts. Tickets are somewhere around $10.00.

Also, on Saturday night, the 16th, one of my most favorite and heavily played bands at the moment, Leslie, will be at Vinyl with the Cogburns and Thee Crucials. Seriously, people...if you haven't seen Leslie, go! 'Tis the poo. 'Tis also $7.00.

Apparently the Killers are going to be playing a little make-up show at Philips Arena on Monday night, December 18th. You can find all the lovely info on that here. They're going to play an entire 45 minute set! (In case you were wondering, yes, you should pick up your biscuit and soak it in the sarcasm.)

If you're into getting your money's worth, then you should probably try and hop on that Butch Walker show being held on Tuesday, December 19th at the Loft. Get your tickets to that here.
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