Monday, December 18, 2006

News You Can Use.

Things are slow right now, but that doesn't mean I've run out of things to say...

*Check out Atlanta Music Guide...they named Estates as their December Band of the Month. Of course, this comes as no surprise in the department of my tastes.

*Speaking of Atlanta Music Guide, they're doing this Heathen Chemistry thing again on New Year's Eve at the Spotted Dog located on North Ave (right by the Marta in case you want to be safe that night). Get more info here.

*I heard that Spectralux is shooting a music video and looking for a "fit female" to star in it. You can email ( them and get more info if you're interested. I'm not fit in any way, so I have to pass...

*If you like Christmas music done in the country way, then check out Rev. Andy's show on Album 88 tomorrow night at 10 p.m.

*Atlanta band, the Woggles, have signed with Wicked Cool Records.

*Heavy Mojo went to London and ending up winning the Global Battle of the Bands. Congratulations are in order for them!

*I like Ray Charles and pretty much all things Motown, so the death of Ahmet Ertegun is kind of significant.

*Britney Spears, a girl-not-yet-a-woman who has two human children, has been named the worst dog owner. Birth control pills seem like a better idea everyday with people like that out there...

*Trey Anastasio was arrested for popping pills and then driving around. Genius!

Show News:

*Tonight, if you hit the Killers' make-up show, you'll get to see Sparta and Cartel open up for them. I like Cartel. I know, I know...but I do. Call me a teenage girl, I don't even care.

*If you're not going to the Tabernacle, then you can check out Winter Ransom at Lenny's tonight.

*Auditioning Alice is going to be over at Lenny's on Wednesday, December 20th.

*This Thursday, December 21st, Luna Halo is playing with Elevation and Kyle Dreaden (from Jil Station) at Vinyl. You shouldn't have to work the next day, so go out and have fun.

*Dropsonic will be at the EARL on Saturday, December 30th. You need to make sure you go OUR showcase the night before, though.
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