Saturday, December 02, 2006

episode 2.0 - "bad impersonations"

sorry for the delay, technical difficulties.
but i finally got this one up and running. go ahead and give it a listen even though a few of the shows we discussed were last night. it's a lot more entertaining this time around. well, it was for us at least!

episode 2.0:

the explorers club - "forever"
novah - "deadly waterparks"
elvis perkins - "ash wednesday"
estates - "houses"
chainstereo - "magnetic south"

remember- you can subscribe to these by clicking the link that is somewhere over there to the right ------>
also, especially if you have a show coming up, send us an mp3 for possible use in future episodes.

that's it for me. i'm having a ryan adams moment and now i'm gonna have to go watch elizabethtown.
thank you, cameron crowe.
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