Tuesday, November 21, 2006

A Plethora of Stuff for Your Enjoyment.

You'll all be very happy to know that after much planning and giggling, Ally and I have recorded the first podcast and it will be up sooner than you probably want it to be. Please listen to it and let us know what you think.

And now, I'm going to attempt to tackle all of the "work" (since when did this become work?) I've let pile up and enlighten you about a couple of albums, shows, bands, etc. that have been sent my way. It's good reading for the holidays! You can't tell me you're actually working this week...

**First up, I've mentioned this guy before, but I'm going to do it again for a couple of reasons. The first one being that he has a new CD called "Souldust" that's being released November 28th (next Tuesday). Another reason? He's having a CD Release show at Blind Willie's that same night that I will most certainly be attending because...he's awesome, and that's really all there is to it. Who is it? It's Greg Hester. I've been listening to this album, and it's seriously so full of soul...the kind that will take you back to a day where music was good, and insightful, rather than who could look the coolest and sound the most like a whiny little bitch. Hester has a way of using his deep voice (which sounds amazingly like Van Morrison...no shit) to reach a place that sets the mood for romance. Yes, romance. But this isn't like those compilations you see on TV late night that Time Life is trying to shove down your throat. It's the kind of thing that you make memories to, because the sound is timeless and classic, which is why this dude can pull out a crowd of people that ranges in age across decades. I've seen it first hand, and you should, too. Come to the CD release show next week, and get this CD, or at least get the CD if you can't make it to the show. You won't be disappointed, and I have a feeling Greg Hester will be a name you follow from then on.

**Secondly, I got an email the other night when I was settling in at home after being at the bar for a couple of hours, and there was a link to this video by The North Atlantic for their single called "Scientist Girl." Though I was drunk and slightly ADD, I was intrigued by this song, which happens to be a little harder than the stuff I normally listen to, but I'm going to share it anyways because, well, I just feel like it.

Scientist Girl Video - The North Atlantic

**Thirdly, I just found this email stuffed in with a million others (help! I'm drowning in a sea of email!)...but I went and listened to a couple of mp3s from a band from Connecticut called Titles, and I'm actually digging the songs. The one called "Dust" is pretty sweet because the music changes so drastically throughout the song. I also like lead singer Brad Amorosino's slightly raspy vocals. If you want to listen, here's a couple of links:
"Dust" - Titles
"Pink Pair of Shoes" - Titles

**Next, a band out of New York called the Lisps are touring around and landing in Atlanta next Wednesday, November 29th at the EARL. I'll put a couple links of their stuff up as well. This music is...hmm...very cheeky. Yeah, that's the word. I'm hearing lots of clapping and electronic music with both male and female vocals in their single, "Pepper Spray." The music can also be described as poppy, and certainly has a catchy little beat to it that kind of makes me want to dance, in response to some kind of anger I might harbor for the opposite sex, but that I'm not really aware of until I listen to this song. The second song has a bit of a Weezer-esque feel to it. I'm also going to compare it to that of one of my favorite 90s bands, the Murmurs (remember that song, "You Suck"? Think along those lines.) I'd definitely be interested in catching them live, because I have a feeling it's probably as fun to watch as it is to listen to. I mean, they're called "The Lisps" for Pete's sake. The Lisps. C'mon.
"Pepper Spray" - The Lisps
"The Winter That I Missed" - The Lisps

That's all I could get to right now without music overload. There is a show tomorrow night at Smith's Olde Bar...Tim Brantley, Trances Arc, and Beautiful Mess. I might as well announce the "Pick of the Week" while I'm at it. This week, I pick Trances Arc, because they've been debuting new material that has a tendency to stray from their older stuff, but it still manages to sound like them, and it's getting better all the time. If you'd like to read more about them (at least, what I think about them), then click here.
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