Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Pick of the Week #3.

This week, the Pick of the Week has already played, but they have another show coming up soon, so don’t fret, you can still check them out in the near future. With all of these Internet calendars popping up, there’s no way you can forget anything anymore, eh?

This band half hails from Atlanta, half from Lakeland, FL, making it a strong obstacle for them to get together to play shows. But they do it. They deserve a gold star for their efforts in trying to break into the Atlanta market. The band is called Estates, and they’re simply magnificent, if I do say so. They have this sound that kind of reminds me of Snow Patrol a little bit. They make good use of the keys and the drums are quite possibly the best I’ve heard ever. Yes, ever. Andrew Lee is phenomenal on them, making the live show literally mesmerizing. Though they’ve only been together for a year, Estates already has a six song EP called Be Fair that you can purchase here or at one of their shows, and I’m telling you right now after listening to it for a solid two days, you need to place your hands on it real quick-like.

Estates is exactly what this scene needs, because they can be appealing to a wide variety of listeners, and they don’t suck. Not only that, but they also don’t have a sound that’s generic to anything else around here. Of course, you’ll draw similarities of your own upon listening to them (which, as always, you can do on MySpace...check out "Houses"), but I’m telling you right now, they surpass most seasoned acts by a long stretch, so you’re doing yourself an immense favor by checking them out. You can catch them live next on December 10th at the 585, or on December 12th at Smith’s Olde Bar.

Annnnd...if you're looking for shows this week:
Tonight, Wednesday, November 15th: Plain Jane Automobile from Orlando is at Smith's Olde Bar, and a friend of mine has recommended another artist from Orlando...John Frank, who will be over at 10 High and will play at 9:45.

Friday, November 17th: Harrison Hudson will be at the 585, like I said earlier this week...or Slushco will be playing Lenny's.

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