Monday, November 13, 2006

News...You Still Need It.

Lots of stuff going on that you might want to know about. I'd also like to thank anyone who came out to 10 High Friday night for our first sponsored show. Steve Craig bailed, so guess who got to fill in? So, if you were there, you got to see me make an ass of myself on stage. I'm sure that was fun for everyone involved.

And now, the news:

*League of Evil has been named "Unsigned Band of the Month" on this website. Hey, that's more incentive for you to check them out next month when they play our first blog showcase! Score!

*Calling all Snowden fans: BreakThru Radio is airing a recording of Snowden's acoustic set from the White Rabbit during CMJ on DJ L's "In the Mix" show. You can listen to that TODAY! There will also be songs from Lindsay Rae Spurlock, Ryan McDougall, All the Saints, and Variac, amongst others.

*99X is actually doing something that's pretty awesome to promote our local scene. Sunday School is hosting a show at 10 High every Thursday this month with local bands. This week is the Preakness, and the Workouts are also playing. I caught the Workouts during Open Mic Madness, and I thought they were excellent. I also like whatever I've heard from the Preakness, so if you're looking for end of the week outings, hit this one.

*WRAS 88.5 is having a benefit show to celebrate their 35th anniversary, and they'll be announcing the line-up sometime today.

*Dead Confederate has posted new songs on their MySpace site if you want to take a listen to see what they've been up to.

*This Friday, November 17th, Harrison Hudson, formerly a resident of Atlanta, now a resident of Nashville, is going to be playing at the 585 if you want to go say hello to him. His new album, Angel on One Side and the Other on the Other, is a pretty sweet combination of folky, almost country-like tunes that are very Johnny Cash-ish.

*Also happening on Friday, November 17th, Decatur CD is turning three years old, and they're having a performance from the Selmanaires at 7 p.m. in the store to celebrate. That's in addition to the Terrapin they'll be serving up.

*The Futurists are halfway into their tour of the Midwest, and those crazy goons have posted a video for the world to see how rockstars live. Click on their name to view it. Hah!

*In Stereo's latest release, Return to Alternative, will be available for purchase beginning tomorrow. You can buy it here.

*ATF Records is looking for interns and street teamers for their Atlanta office. If you're interested, visit their website or email

*Heavy Mojo won a Global Battle of the Bands contest for the whole country, so now they get to bring their 'acid hop' to London next month. Congratulations to them.

That's all I got right now.
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