Tuesday, November 14, 2006

"life can be hard, life can be tough, life can be an elephant's tusk..."

i'm just gonna get right into this-

last week i received the new full length from band marino called the sea & the beast. so far, the best description i've been able to come up with is banjo twangin' nasal-rock. luckily for them, i dig all things banjo.

the band hails from orlando, fl where they will release their album on dec. 2. nathan bond handles the vox and is also the main songwriter. as for that magical banjo i mentioned earlier, that's courtesy of jonathan nee (the one in the hat). the entire cd is so... so, um... unusally awesome, that it's hard to pick a favorite song. i will say that "como se dice, senorita act 1: the laymen's lament" and "feel it in the air" are quickly growing on me. check it out for yourself and then head over to their myspace to stream more.

fans of the boy least likely to feast your ears:

band marino - "como se dice, senorita act 1: the laymen's lament"

geez, this week has been lame. hopefully, leah and i will have our podcast up and streaming by this weekend. get pumped.
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