Monday, November 20, 2006

"i'm only concerned, don't take it the wrong way my friend..."

ahh thanksgiving. i kind of hate this holiday. it seems like with every passing year i just become more and more of an outcast in my family. i'm pretty sure the kicker was when i quit eating meat. it's really quite a depressing time for me. anyway...

as leah mentioned, the turkey jam will be a great excuse to get away from the fam. just think about it.

the other day i received an album by a guy named blake miller. i kept putting off listening to it, but i'm so glad i finally did because it's really good.

stylistically, he's very similar to devendra banhart. almost too similar, actually. but i really love devendra so i don't mind. they differ in that together with cats is just blake and his guitar, making it a rather dark LP. kind of like nick drake circa pink moon. whatever the case, give him a listen.

tomorrow the NEW brand new cd comes out. it's incredible. go buy it. while you're out, pick up the new beatles cirque du soleil:LOVE cd. the concept behind it is really cool. basically, sir george martin used the master tapes at abbey road studios and completely reworked them into new, experimental tracks for the circus. read more and check the track listing here. i cannot wait to hear the whole thing.
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