Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I'm Not a Loser, Baby.

Whoa. Just so you know, Beck is pretty much the epitome of amazing. I think it's the way he can stand in front of a crowd dressed like a pirate and ad lib so easily about "Debra," but still stick to the manual when belting out "Loser." I think everyone who was in the Loft last night felt blessed to be there, and I also thought that it was really cool of everyone (minus a couple of spoil sports) to wear costumes and get into the spirit of Halloween. I went as Wednesday Addams, and was with a magician and his assistant, and a guy resembling Munson from Kingpin in a very fetching blue polyester suit. It was a blast. Beck is probably the closest you'll get me to anything resembling rap, simply because rather than busting it up about poppin' a cap in someone's ass, he's going on about beer cans and the like.

So, there you have it. Well worth the $12.00 ticket to catch Beck and his pirate outfit, complete with bling.

Oh, we have a mailing list now. You should join it. I imagine if I had it set up before this show had happened, I would've sent out an email with the info about getting the tickets ahead of time. You never know... Sign up for it here.
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