Tuesday, November 21, 2006

episode 1.0 - "so... umm... yeah... errr"

it turns out that recording a podcast is extremely awkward.
but we were able to put something together.

this initial episode is going to be the start of a new era for COAMA. we're hoping, that through these podcasts, we'll be able to provide additional updates about what's going on, who's got it going on, when it's going on, and where the party is at. leah and i laughed because we sounded like a couple of drunk morons during the recording process- which now, drinking through the next session seems like a pretty smart idea...

so check it out, but remember it's ROUGH!

episode 1.0:

voxtrot - the start of something
the swear - the sleep inside
blake miller - in our own places
trances arc - don't like leaving
the pendletons - sad songs

*if you would like to hear your music on future episodes, feel free to send us an mp3.

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