Wednesday, November 01, 2006

"cause they all know i'm in love with the sun..."

i would also like to reiterate just how brilliant beck was last night. the show will probably go down as one of my top 5 of the year. there's certainly no denying that beck is one of the most unique and innovative artists out today. i think what made the show so special(aside from my "morning after/walk of shame" costume), was the crowd participation. the majority of the show was done by audience request. of course there were the freaks who hollered out, "SABBATH!!!", but then there were also many good requests such as, "tropicalia". great, great, great show.

lately, i've been on a folk/alternative kick and the rosewood thieves are partly to blame.

the band is a 5-piece out of new york and their debut EP, from the decker house, has been getting some heavy rotation on my itunes. if you're up in ny for all the cmj action, i definitely recommend catching their show tonight @ 8 at the ace of clubs. their sound is very beatlesque, perhaps that is why i'm fond of them, but i'll let you all decide for yourselves. here is a track off their EP called "los angeles".

the rosewood thieves - "los angeles"
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