Monday, October 09, 2006

What Made My Ears Happy.

This past weekend I was going non-stop for the Atlantis Music Conference. Here's a rundown of what I saw that you might want to check out, or possibly stay away from (kidding...nothing was that bad this time).

Thursday: VINYL:
**Leslie --> I know that the last time this band was in town from Charleston that I begged and pleaded for everyone to check them out...and I think it didn't help much, which sucks for you because Leslie will rock your face so hard that you'll have to peel it off the ground when they're done with you. If you want to catch a full set from them in the near future, you're in luck, because they'll be at the 585 on November 11th with the Judies and Dead Confederate (winners of Open Mic Madness 2006). Be there. Seriously.

THE 585:
**The Beggars' Guild --> If you haven't checked this band out yet, get off your ass and do so. They have the most refreshing and honest sound that I've heard in a while, and you'll like it. You can come see them in action on October 28th when they play the 585's Grand Opening with Tim Brantley, Pasadena, and Chris Unck.

**Eller --> Wow. They get better everytime I see them. I can honestly say Eller sounded perfect. The vocals, the guitars, the drums...they were all completely solid and right on. I'm going to see them next at the 585, once again, on November 4th with Nova Milo and Josh Pringle.

Friday: STAR BAR (Prasse Fest):
**Rantings of Eva --> Admittedly my favorite local band...they brought it to the Star Bar. Ryan Flanagan's voice never ceases to amaze's just so damn smooth. Like buttah. And the songs...I want the CD. I don't know how much longer I can wait for them to finally let the world have it before I hurt someone. The next Atlanta show is November 10th at 10 High with Overwhelmed and the Swear, which you better be in attendance for, since I'm sponsoring it.

**Elevation --> Hmm. I don't want to say anything really horrible here because it wasn't really horrible. But it wasn't really good, either. My initial reaction was that I liked it, but something about the performance began to wear on me and then I thought at the end, "Well, that was...meh." I thought the music was great; I think it sounded somewhat repetitious after a while, though, and eventually, I was slightly bored.

**Trances Arc --> I always love Trances Arc, but they were especially tight tonight. New songs were played, and they delve much further into 'rock' than previous material. You can check them out at the Masquerade this coming Friday, October 13th with Variac, Autovaughn, and Red Letter Agent.

Saturday: THE 585:
All the bands that played the 585 tonight were actually pretty good, which surprised me since I can usually find something that rubs me the wrong way out of a collection of six bands. Here are the two I enjoyed the most:

**The Station Myth --> This band hails from NY, and they have this really cool experimental thing going on that uses lots of different sounds that you don't normally hear in a live setting, which I thought was awesome. The lead singer's vocals are very the point where I'd want to listen to it in order to enter some kind of other-worldly trance. Go listen to it.

**Like Clockwork --> There's something about this band that I dig. I don't know if it's the punk rock infusion or the ease of their performance, but it's definitely working on growing on me in a positive way. I don't see a date listed for the next show, but I'll keep my eye out. You should see it.

Ah, so that's it. That's what I saw, where I went, what I liked. This week I'm taking it easy. I need a break.
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