Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Upcoming, and Special.

As always, it's important to go out and listen to awesome music in dingy places so you have stories to tell your grandkids one day. Or your nieces and nephews.

Heads up:

This week: Check out The Futurists at the 10 High on Thursday, the 26th, because they're hot. And I'm not just talking about their music. They're HAWT. Yeah, I spelled it like that. Oh, annnnnnnnd, they have a new drummer. But don't worry, the old drummer, Matt D., is coming out of hiding behind the set to play guitar. Yay. Now we can see his darling face, front and center.

Next Week: Very important show here, because, well, it's rock rock rock for your poor little bones...November 3rd, once again, head to 10 High to see Tentonic, The Gates of Berlin, and Jil Station. I heard that Peroni is sponsoring this event...have you had that? It's mucho tasty. And FREE from 9:00-11:00. That's right, I said FREE BEER. Oh, and this show is my official pick of the week, so you pretty much have to be there.

The Week After Next: Another important show in the same place...10 High! Wow, they have some super shows lately. This one is no different. On November 10th, BreakThru Radio, PBR, 99X, and my little blog (Confessions of a Music Addict) are presenting "Election Day of the Dead," the musical stylings of The Swear, Overwhelmed, Halo Stereo, and Rantings of Eva.

You've been warned, so you have no excuse not to be at any of these shows. Suck it up and rock it off. Word.
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