Tuesday, October 10, 2006

This Week in Music.

This looks to be a crappy week for music, after the stellar releases from last Tuesday and the local explosion of Atlantis last weekend. However, there is still something to speak of. A couple of things, actually...like:

Friday, Oct 13th: OMG, like, can you, like, believe that Friday the 13th is in October?? Spooky. There is a REALLY good show at the Masquerade tonight, so that's where you should be. Check out this amazing line-up: AutoVaughn (from Nashville, and a band that you should know), Variac (one of my top picks in the city...with a hot singer), Trances Arc (yet, another top pick), Bang Bang Bang (another Nashville band who I'm told is simply off the charts of goodness), and Red Letter Agent (duh...they've gotten lots of spin time on 99X and opened for some monster acts). $8 and it's an all ages thing.

Sunday, Oct 15th: National show rolling through my most favorite venue...Ben Kweller and Sam Roberts Band will be at the Variety Playhouse. I'm trying to decide if the wallet will allow me to be there, too. Sam Roberts is from Canada, which means that his music is awesome by default. And Ben Kweller (formerly of Radish), well, he speaks to me because I'm a girl and I get sappy sometimes.
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