Monday, October 02, 2006

Official Plan for Atlantis.

After this weekend, I don't want to hear any kind of bluegrass or jam music for a very, very long time. Very. (On a sidenote, I enjoyed the set from Big City Sunrise and wouldn't mind seeing them again...they have a violin player who will rip you a new face with his bow.)

I would like to interject that there are a million gazillion HUGE new releases tomorrow. The Killers, the Decemberists (I have listened to this one, and it's effing amazing, but what else would expect you from them?), Jet (ahem, I will eventually try to listen to the entire album of Jet, however, the initial single I've heard could only preface overproduced label crap), and Beck are all hitting the shelves, so you know, get excited about that if nothing else.

So, I mentioned Atlantis in the last blog post, but I didn't really talk about what I plan to hit. After seeing this year's schedule, I noticed that it's not going to be hard for me to see what I would like. Meaning, whoever is picking the bands to play this thing could probably use help from someone who has better taste. I'm just sayin'...

Anyways, Thursday (Oct 5th) night kicks off the showcases. I plan to be two places that night.

First: VINYL for the ASCAP/Performer Mag Showcase...or part of it. I want to catch Leslie (9:15) and the Futurists (10:00), and possibly a bit of Gates of Berlin (10:30). Then I'm going to leave so that I can...

Second: ...catch the Beggars' Guild (11:00) and Eller (12:00) play at the 585. Then I will try to go to sleep because I still have a job to go to on Friday.

Friday (Oct 6th) I will head over to Star Bar kind of early to see Rantings of Eva (8:00). Then, I will probably try to find something to stuff my face with and end the night at the 585 to catch Chainestereo. Those dudes are young, but their music/show is something to witness. There's still passion in it.

Saturday (Oct 7th) night, I want to check out Nova Milo (8:00), then the Booze (10:00), Variac (11:00), and Morning State (12:00) at the Loft for the 99X Showcase.

Ok. I'm out. Anything I didn't list that I should see? Bueller? Anyone?
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