Saturday, October 28, 2006

here it is, the highly anticipated inaugural post from yours truly.

well hello guys and gals... my name is ally and i've been given the honor of co-writing on here with the lovely leah. it seems as though we're both all over the place, so we figured it would be much more efficient to team up. divide and conquer, if you will. we've got some big plans that we hope to put into action real soon, so brace yourselves. i have a feeling that this is going to be the start of something beautiful.

thursday night was a rather busy night for myself. i started at vinyl for the paste magazine party where i watched manchester orchestra and a little bit of what made milwaukee famous. MO did really well, though they struggled a bit with the sound. maybe i'm biased, but their new album like a virgin losing a child has become one of my absolute favorites. unfortunately, i have to say that i was pretty let down by WMMF. so shortly into their set, we opted to head over to the 10 high.

at the 10 high i caught the futurists in all their zombie glory. this was their first performance with new member, shane patrick, who tore it up on the drums. matt debusschere is now playing lead guitar where alan poole once entertained us all. as much as i enjoyed alan's theatrical performances, i think matt is really better suited for the part by making it more legit and less of a spectacle. they also finally debuted the new song "shades and shadows", which i like to think was because of my endless nagging. you can listen to it on john's (i guess you could call it experimental/demo?) page, thisistherevolution. overall, a great performance.

and now i leave you with a track called "complete or completing" from the band, annuals. it's off their album, be he me. this song is amazing, this band is amazing, and they're playing tomorrow night 10/29 @ the loft with the over-blogged, tapes 'n' tapes. that's all you need to know.

annuals - complete or completing
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