Friday, October 20, 2006

Check Her Out.

All of my influence came from the 80s and 90s. The 90s brought about the whole grunge era, and I was one of those kids that liked everything dark since that’s what the inside of my head felt like (God, I’m so emo). During that time, I found solace in Sarah McLachlan and Tori Amos, because they spoke to me on a much deeper level than, say, Candlebox (did you know they have a greatest hits out? Weird.) or Seven Mary Three.

I’ve been lucky enough to find a local chick who is pretty much the equivalent of those two artists (McLachlan and Amos), except that she has a much more updated sound and an electric keyboard. Her name is Lindsay Rae Spurlock (she just moved to town from Baton Rouge), and she has these songs that are ethereal and mesmerizing to a point where listening to her makes my head spin into oblivion from all the thoughts that come rushing to my frontal lobe. It’s probably the best thing to see when you’re feeling any ounce of scorn, because Spurlock is lyrically depressing, and I don’t mean that in a bad way. She nails what you’ve ever wanted to say to a significant other when you part ways. Hey, I just thought of something. I’m going to pick up one of her CDs, so that when either myself or a friend happens to be in a breaking up situation, we can toss it at the dude and say, “Here, listen to this. That’s really all I have to say to you.” Good stuff, indeed. Go check her out, as I think you’ll like what you hear.
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