Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Can This Be True?

I almost couldn't believe my eyes this morning when I was looking through the AJC online and noticed this (scroll down some) on Access Atlanta. They actually have a streaming list of local bands, half of them that are decent, for people to listen to. I commend the AJC for incorporating a "Locals Jukebox" into their content. There are samples from Zac Brown, The Whigs, Obsession Day, Modern Skirts, Trances Arc, Bain Mattox, Heavy Mojo, Red Letter Agent, The Swear, To Whom It Concerns, and the Tom Collins, among others I didn't feel like mentioning. It appears that you can submit your music to them, as well, so head over there and check it out.

Not only that, but I was quite pleased to see that the CD reviews included The Decemberists. Yay. Maybe the general public is finally coming around on what's good. We can only hope so.
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