Monday, October 30, 2006

beck, yo!

i've got mine, have you got yours?
so it appears that beck is going to be putting on a little show for us at vinyl tomorrow night. he goes on after the secret machines(who bore me to death unless i'm at bonnaroo or watching a car commercial) finish playing in center stage. if you hurry, there still might be some tix on sale through ticketalternative.

this show is going to be pretty sweet, it's not to be missed.
$12, vinyl @ 10
so get on it!!!!!

oh- you can dress up, too!

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery.

First off, the next two weeks are going to be the poo doo dong as far as shows go. Yes, poo doo dong. I made it up, and I think it gets the point across. One that's not to be missed is FRIDAY, November 3rd at 10 High where Gates of Berlin will be playing with Tentonic and Jil Station. This may not sound like an extraordinary thing...a show at 10 High on a Friday night, but you're not taking into consideration that there will be FREE BEER from 9:00-11:00. No, that's not a joke. Peroni will be out there giving it away for the showgoers. The holidays are coming up, this is a stupendous way to get wasted on someone else's dime while you save to buy your grandma those cool knitting needles she's been wanting so she'll fit in with the rest of her quilting circle. But that's not the only reason you should be there. Gates of Berlin will give you a new reason to love rock-n-roll, and Jil Station will make you wish you were young again so that you could swagger around like them.

And for the imitation part. Last night, I wound up at the 585 to see The Beggars' Guild and Tim Brantley play the big Halloween show, which is why I smell like hashbrowns right now, because a trip to Cracker Barrel was imperative this morning to soak up the hangover I now have from all the free beer. Anyways, the show was great, and for whoever is following, Tim Brantley doesn't suck when the normal fans aren't there. I actually enjoyed it last night. There. Probably the funniest thing I have ever seen, though, is the costume that Paul Warner from the band Nova Milo came up with. Speaking of Nova Milo, they're awesome. I can't figure out why I'm just now becoming aware of them here recently. Check out the songs on their MySpace page I linked for you. I lurve "I'm Your Tiger" and "Love in Space" is kind of this slightly country rock sounding white boy rap. I've never heard anything like makes me want to bob my head and sing along and dance, and if you're keeping up, you know I don't do those things. Well, I don't do them sober.

Anyways, here's a visual of the costume:

Wondering what he is? He came dressed as Tim Brantley. And people were actually mistaking him. Priceless.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

here it is, the highly anticipated inaugural post from yours truly.

well hello guys and gals... my name is ally and i've been given the honor of co-writing on here with the lovely leah. it seems as though we're both all over the place, so we figured it would be much more efficient to team up. divide and conquer, if you will. we've got some big plans that we hope to put into action real soon, so brace yourselves. i have a feeling that this is going to be the start of something beautiful.

thursday night was a rather busy night for myself. i started at vinyl for the paste magazine party where i watched manchester orchestra and a little bit of what made milwaukee famous. MO did really well, though they struggled a bit with the sound. maybe i'm biased, but their new album like a virgin losing a child has become one of my absolute favorites. unfortunately, i have to say that i was pretty let down by WMMF. so shortly into their set, we opted to head over to the 10 high.

at the 10 high i caught the futurists in all their zombie glory. this was their first performance with new member, shane patrick, who tore it up on the drums. matt debusschere is now playing lead guitar where alan poole once entertained us all. as much as i enjoyed alan's theatrical performances, i think matt is really better suited for the part by making it more legit and less of a spectacle. they also finally debuted the new song "shades and shadows", which i like to think was because of my endless nagging. you can listen to it on john's (i guess you could call it experimental/demo?) page, thisistherevolution. overall, a great performance.

and now i leave you with a track called "complete or completing" from the band, annuals. it's off their album, be he me. this song is amazing, this band is amazing, and they're playing tomorrow night 10/29 @ the loft with the over-blogged, tapes 'n' tapes. that's all you need to know.

annuals - complete or completing

Friday, October 27, 2006

The Welcoming Committee.

Okay, folks, so I've been keeping up with this blog for a year now, and in that time, I've met some really awesome people with opinions as strong as mine when it comes to music. I've met people who have turned me on to new and exciting bands. I've met all kinds of people. One person in particular is Ally. She actually started a blog, but hasn't kept up with it, and I was excited when I noticed she was writing, because she has really awesome taste. So, I've asked her to join me here on COAMA. And she agreed, so she'll begin posting soon on the same kinds of things I'm posting about, but with her spin on them. I respect her opinion and think she's going to add a special flavor to this monster.

Ally has suggested we team up and do a podcast, so we're going to be working on getting that put together. Of course, we'll need help from bands, because it'll be set up where we play songs, in addition to running our mouths for a minute about shows and local music news. If you'd like to send us an mp3 to use in the future, please can email it to We have lots of collective ideas, so keep reading, because this party is going to become a gala, and you'll want to be present when it does.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Stomp & Stammer is Getting Old.

If you're not familiar with the monthly music publication Stomp & Stammer...what's wrong with you? It's honest, sometimes crass, and full of all you need to know as far as underground music goes. Oh, and sometimes, I write for it. It appears that the magazine will be a whopping ten years old (hey, it was being born as I was getting my driver's license...), and to celebrate, there will be a series of shows attached to it from now until the end of the year. I'll paste the list of shows here, and you can plan on attending at your leisure.

Thursday, Oct. 26th
Alejandro Escovedo, with National Grain

Monday, Oct. 30th
Tilly & the Wall, with the Black Lips, Mew, Pony Up
Variety Playhouse

Saturday, Nov. 4th
The Close CD Release, with Rizzudo, The Orphins

Wednesday, Nov. 8th
The Slits, with Apes, SIDS
Drunken Unicorn

Friday, Nov. 10th
The Black Keys, with The Black Angels
Variety Playhouse

Tuesday, Nov. 14th
Blue Cheer, with The Sweetloves, Thee Crucials

Wednesday, Nov. 15th
Trespassers William, with Summer Hymns, Liz Durrett

Sunday, Nov. 19th
Joanna Newsom
Variety Playhouse

Saturday, Nov. 25th

Saturday, Dec. 2nd
Steve Wynn & the Miracle 3, with Magnapop, Tim Lee

I'm not familiar with all of these bands, but there are a couple I know some kids around town are probably foaming at the mouth about, so get on it!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Upcoming, and Special.

As always, it's important to go out and listen to awesome music in dingy places so you have stories to tell your grandkids one day. Or your nieces and nephews.

Heads up:

This week: Check out The Futurists at the 10 High on Thursday, the 26th, because they're hot. And I'm not just talking about their music. They're HAWT. Yeah, I spelled it like that. Oh, annnnnnnnd, they have a new drummer. But don't worry, the old drummer, Matt D., is coming out of hiding behind the set to play guitar. Yay. Now we can see his darling face, front and center.

Next Week: Very important show here, because, well, it's rock rock rock for your poor little bones...November 3rd, once again, head to 10 High to see Tentonic, The Gates of Berlin, and Jil Station. I heard that Peroni is sponsoring this event...have you had that? It's mucho tasty. And FREE from 9:00-11:00. That's right, I said FREE BEER. Oh, and this show is my official pick of the week, so you pretty much have to be there.

The Week After Next: Another important show in the same place...10 High! Wow, they have some super shows lately. This one is no different. On November 10th, BreakThru Radio, PBR, 99X, and my little blog (Confessions of a Music Addict) are presenting "Election Day of the Dead," the musical stylings of The Swear, Overwhelmed, Halo Stereo, and Rantings of Eva.

You've been warned, so you have no excuse not to be at any of these shows. Suck it up and rock it off. Word.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Yes, There are Things to Look Forward To.

I have a case of the I do everyday...God, I really need a new paying gig - if anyone cares to help me out with that...anyways, here's what's worth a mention for the week:

*****Tuesday, October 24th:

-->The Dresden Dolls are at Variety-Playhouse. I lurve the Dresden Dolls. Two people making that much noise and causing that much havoc on my emotional spirit are worth checking out. They, much like the Scissor Sisters or KISS, are in costume all the time, with painted faces and doll-like apparel. If you haven't seen them, you need to. Listen to "Coin-Operated Boy" and understand why they're so awesome.

-->For a more chill atmosphere, check out Deke Spears in the Atlanta Room at Smith's Olde Bar. He's a singer-songwriter that doesn't suck and won't put you to sleep, two characteristics that must be present in order for me to even speak positively about a singer-songwriter.

*****Friday, October 27th:

-->Time for Halloween Festivals! Sweetwater Brewery is having something over at Rocky Mountain Pizza near the Georgia Tech campus with Jon Harris and the Sin Hounds, who are the perfect band to chill to while you're hanging out with friends and adult beverages.

-->Ooooorrr, if you're into bluegrass, Blueground Undergrass is going to work it on the stage at Smith's Olde Bar tonight with a rock/bluegrass infusion that's sure to be a sweet beginning to breaking out scarves and jackets.

Okay, so that's not a whole lot to look forward to...but it's better than nothing.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Check Her Out.

All of my influence came from the 80s and 90s. The 90s brought about the whole grunge era, and I was one of those kids that liked everything dark since that’s what the inside of my head felt like (God, I’m so emo). During that time, I found solace in Sarah McLachlan and Tori Amos, because they spoke to me on a much deeper level than, say, Candlebox (did you know they have a greatest hits out? Weird.) or Seven Mary Three.

I’ve been lucky enough to find a local chick who is pretty much the equivalent of those two artists (McLachlan and Amos), except that she has a much more updated sound and an electric keyboard. Her name is Lindsay Rae Spurlock (she just moved to town from Baton Rouge), and she has these songs that are ethereal and mesmerizing to a point where listening to her makes my head spin into oblivion from all the thoughts that come rushing to my frontal lobe. It’s probably the best thing to see when you’re feeling any ounce of scorn, because Spurlock is lyrically depressing, and I don’t mean that in a bad way. She nails what you’ve ever wanted to say to a significant other when you part ways. Hey, I just thought of something. I’m going to pick up one of her CDs, so that when either myself or a friend happens to be in a breaking up situation, we can toss it at the dude and say, “Here, listen to this. That’s really all I have to say to you.” Good stuff, indeed. Go check her out, as I think you’ll like what you hear.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Preparation for Halloween.

It's only my favorite holiday. Thanks to Ice Box and my pal Scott Stone, there will be a monstrous weekend event called "Atlanta Warriors II" beginning tomorrow night (Friday, the 20th) with the movie "The Warriors" playing at midnight at the Midtown Art Cinema. Then, on Saturday night, you should head over to Cabbagetown because there will be a Halloween Party by the Krog Street graffiti tunnel. Find out more info by clicking here. If I weren't returning to my alma mater this weekend, this is where I'd be, because doing the same old shit every weekend is getting old. Anyways, have at it, and have fun.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Ben Kweller & Sam Roberts.

Sunday night, there was a super stellar show that I dragged my exhausted body to and chilled at for a couple hours. And that show was Ben Kweller (listen to the first 3 songs to get a good grasp of what he's throwing down). And he was amazing. I've listened to his stuff for the past couple of months and become acquainted with the new single from his recently released self-titled album, "Sundress," and I must say, ole Ben didn't let me down in the slightest. I'm going to compare him to the likes of Rhett Miller here, simply because he has this uncanny way of laying down songs that capture the very essence of heart and soul, singing of love and life and mixing it with tunes that boast powerful melodies and choruses that get stuck in your head. I'm trying to figure out why I haven't heard any of his material outside of looking for it myself. He's phenomenal. I hate to admit it, but I did have tears emerging from my eyes when he sat down and did a couple of acoustic songs alone, including "13" and "On My Way." Kweller has a couple more east coast dates before heading to Europe to scoop up the fans there, which means you've missed him for a good while, but it would be a great thing for you to check out in the meantime for the next stop in Atlanta, whenever that may be. I'll be there.

The opening band hails from Canada, where all the good music is holed up and fed to us undeserving Americans in small doses. The Sam Roberts Band (go listen to "Bridge to Nowhere," yet another track that made me all misty) ripped my face up with steady rock tunes that made me feel like I wanted to give the entire human race a big hug as I became mesmerized by the lyrics that painted the picture of my current twenty-something life crisis. It was completely refreshing and perfectly matched to prepare the crowd for Kweller. There's a goodness surrounding the music that can be felt through Roberts' interaction with the crowd, which isn't found in many other acts. You could tell they were all having a blast playing and cherished every second spent on stage, and I love seeing that, because the impact of the band ends up leaving a mark on a much larger scale. This is also another band you should definitely check out when they come around again.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Concert Announcement. Sort Of.

I've had people ask the status on this monstrosity of a birthday party I'm planning to throw for myself (since I'm vain). I have an update today, so I'm going to let you in on it today.

The show will be the first of many I plan to do as a showcase of local bands and others from the surrounding areas. This is the virgin show, so I want it to be HUGE, which means anyone who follows this little blog should probably be there, even if you only come for one band.

Speaking of bands, here's the confirmed line-up, and there is truly something for everyone, unless you're into rap, 'cause I'm not going there: Chris Unck opening up to cover the singer/songwriter genre, Beggars' Guild to cover the folk/classic rock genre, League of Evil to cover the "indie" rock genre, and (I'm so super excited about this I could pee myself) Rantings of Eva to cover the alt/pop-rock genre. There may be another band added to this line-up, I'm not sure yet. If they can't play, then this will be the line-up. Period.

It will take place on Friday, December 29th, so save the money from your Christmas stocking for cover...which I don't know what that's going to be just yet. It won't be anything more than you'd pay for a regular night.

As a sidenote, I'd like to also announce that since I will be doing this on a regular basis, I would like to take submissions from bands to play future showcases. I have bands in mind that I would like to have, but I'm also trying to do this where I see new stuff. So, if you're interested, or know an act that would be interested in playing, check out the MySpace and message me, or email me at


Tuesday, October 10, 2006

This Week in Music.

This looks to be a crappy week for music, after the stellar releases from last Tuesday and the local explosion of Atlantis last weekend. However, there is still something to speak of. A couple of things,

Friday, Oct 13th: OMG, like, can you, like, believe that Friday the 13th is in October?? Spooky. There is a REALLY good show at the Masquerade tonight, so that's where you should be. Check out this amazing line-up: AutoVaughn (from Nashville, and a band that you should know), Variac (one of my top picks in the city...with a hot singer), Trances Arc (yet, another top pick), Bang Bang Bang (another Nashville band who I'm told is simply off the charts of goodness), and Red Letter Agent (duh...they've gotten lots of spin time on 99X and opened for some monster acts). $8 and it's an all ages thing.

Sunday, Oct 15th: National show rolling through my most favorite venue...Ben Kweller and Sam Roberts Band will be at the Variety Playhouse. I'm trying to decide if the wallet will allow me to be there, too. Sam Roberts is from Canada, which means that his music is awesome by default. And Ben Kweller (formerly of Radish), well, he speaks to me because I'm a girl and I get sappy sometimes.

Monday, October 09, 2006

What Made My Ears Happy.

This past weekend I was going non-stop for the Atlantis Music Conference. Here's a rundown of what I saw that you might want to check out, or possibly stay away from (kidding...nothing was that bad this time).

Thursday: VINYL:
**Leslie --> I know that the last time this band was in town from Charleston that I begged and pleaded for everyone to check them out...and I think it didn't help much, which sucks for you because Leslie will rock your face so hard that you'll have to peel it off the ground when they're done with you. If you want to catch a full set from them in the near future, you're in luck, because they'll be at the 585 on November 11th with the Judies and Dead Confederate (winners of Open Mic Madness 2006). Be there. Seriously.

THE 585:
**The Beggars' Guild --> If you haven't checked this band out yet, get off your ass and do so. They have the most refreshing and honest sound that I've heard in a while, and you'll like it. You can come see them in action on October 28th when they play the 585's Grand Opening with Tim Brantley, Pasadena, and Chris Unck.

**Eller --> Wow. They get better everytime I see them. I can honestly say Eller sounded perfect. The vocals, the guitars, the drums...they were all completely solid and right on. I'm going to see them next at the 585, once again, on November 4th with Nova Milo and Josh Pringle.

Friday: STAR BAR (Prasse Fest):
**Rantings of Eva --> Admittedly my favorite local band...they brought it to the Star Bar. Ryan Flanagan's voice never ceases to amaze's just so damn smooth. Like buttah. And the songs...I want the CD. I don't know how much longer I can wait for them to finally let the world have it before I hurt someone. The next Atlanta show is November 10th at 10 High with Overwhelmed and the Swear, which you better be in attendance for, since I'm sponsoring it.

**Elevation --> Hmm. I don't want to say anything really horrible here because it wasn't really horrible. But it wasn't really good, either. My initial reaction was that I liked it, but something about the performance began to wear on me and then I thought at the end, "Well, that was...meh." I thought the music was great; I think it sounded somewhat repetitious after a while, though, and eventually, I was slightly bored.

**Trances Arc --> I always love Trances Arc, but they were especially tight tonight. New songs were played, and they delve much further into 'rock' than previous material. You can check them out at the Masquerade this coming Friday, October 13th with Variac, Autovaughn, and Red Letter Agent.

Saturday: THE 585:
All the bands that played the 585 tonight were actually pretty good, which surprised me since I can usually find something that rubs me the wrong way out of a collection of six bands. Here are the two I enjoyed the most:

**The Station Myth --> This band hails from NY, and they have this really cool experimental thing going on that uses lots of different sounds that you don't normally hear in a live setting, which I thought was awesome. The lead singer's vocals are very the point where I'd want to listen to it in order to enter some kind of other-worldly trance. Go listen to it.

**Like Clockwork --> There's something about this band that I dig. I don't know if it's the punk rock infusion or the ease of their performance, but it's definitely working on growing on me in a positive way. I don't see a date listed for the next show, but I'll keep my eye out. You should see it.

Ah, so that's it. That's what I saw, where I went, what I liked. This week I'm taking it easy. I need a break.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Can This Be True?

I almost couldn't believe my eyes this morning when I was looking through the AJC online and noticed this (scroll down some) on Access Atlanta. They actually have a streaming list of local bands, half of them that are decent, for people to listen to. I commend the AJC for incorporating a "Locals Jukebox" into their content. There are samples from Zac Brown, The Whigs, Obsession Day, Modern Skirts, Trances Arc, Bain Mattox, Heavy Mojo, Red Letter Agent, The Swear, To Whom It Concerns, and the Tom Collins, among others I didn't feel like mentioning. It appears that you can submit your music to them, as well, so head over there and check it out.

Not only that, but I was quite pleased to see that the CD reviews included The Decemberists. Yay. Maybe the general public is finally coming around on what's good. We can only hope so.

Monday, October 02, 2006

New Releases...Should You Buy Them?

The highly anticipated sophomore album from the Killers, Sam's Town, is released tomorrow (or today if you're reading this on Tuesday). The album artwork is brilliant, as it has this trashy suggestive tone to it. I'm listening to it, and I'm wondering where all this comparison to Bruce Springsteen comes from. There is that inevitable curse of the sophomore album, and I think it's been bypassed here. You're going to hear plenty of that synth sound that was on Hot Fuss, and that distinctive voice of Brandon Flowers hasn't changed either, but you're also going to hear a lot of the Killers breaking out some new sound. Remember "All These Things That I've Done?" If not, then you need to crawl out from underneath your rock. Anyways, that collective vocal stuff they threw in there is done on a lot more tracks for this new material. There are times when it seems like there's a gospel choir backing the music, and it's a pretty powerful addition. I've been loving the first single ("When You Were Young") for a couple of months now, but check out "Bling (Confessions of a King)" for an almost Muse-like feel and the title track for a dive into classic Killers. Should you buy it? Yeah, I think so. But expect something slightly different than what hooked you to Hot Fuss.

Onto the next one...Beck's The Information. I'll honestly say that I only recently got into Beck past the stuff I used to hear on the radio back in the day when I was actually listening to the radio. This seems to be along the same lines of the older stuff, and so that makes me happy because I like the older stuff. I'm not sure if it's the shitty speakers on the iBook or if it really sounds like this, but Beck is sporting a very haunting echoed vocal distortion that makes me feel as if he's singing to me from above. I'm really digging on "Think I'm in Love" and "When Dance Alone," where you get the Beck-rap and video game sounding backbeats. Should you buy it? If you like Beck, then you're probably already planning to, so go ahead, and enjoy it.

I also got the Decemberists new one, Crane Wife, in the mail this weekend, and it didn't sound like they really stuck to the old formula on this one. Usually, when I listen to them, I feel like I should be out on a boat like a sailor (not like a sunbathing beauty, but an actual sailor, like back in the day of the Count of Monte Cristo or some shit), considering they boast the "shanty" sound. This album is a little less like than and a little more like rock, but not enough that it strays from Colin Meloy's signature vocal and lyrical content. Should you buy it? Why not? The Decemberists are great, and if you're not aware of them yet, change that.

One more for you that actually came out last week, but is most definitely worth mentioning is Knives Don't Have Your Back, which is the first solo release from Emily Haines. Don't know who Haines is? Actually, you probably do. She started off as one of the many singers for Canadian sweethearts Broken Social Scene before joining up with one of my most favorite bands, Metric. If you know of Metric, you're aware of her high angelic-like vocals that are coupled with amazing and smooth music. This solo stint is going to bring you a very chilled-out version of that, with lyrics that are mentally all over the place, and the fact they're sung with a largely haunting tone and meshed with an equally creepy piano makes it hit even harder. This is certainly one to check out to calm you.

Official Plan for Atlantis.

After this weekend, I don't want to hear any kind of bluegrass or jam music for a very, very long time. Very. (On a sidenote, I enjoyed the set from Big City Sunrise and wouldn't mind seeing them again...they have a violin player who will rip you a new face with his bow.)

I would like to interject that there are a million gazillion HUGE new releases tomorrow. The Killers, the Decemberists (I have listened to this one, and it's effing amazing, but what else would expect you from them?), Jet (ahem, I will eventually try to listen to the entire album of Jet, however, the initial single I've heard could only preface overproduced label crap), and Beck are all hitting the shelves, so you know, get excited about that if nothing else.

So, I mentioned Atlantis in the last blog post, but I didn't really talk about what I plan to hit. After seeing this year's schedule, I noticed that it's not going to be hard for me to see what I would like. Meaning, whoever is picking the bands to play this thing could probably use help from someone who has better taste. I'm just sayin'...

Anyways, Thursday (Oct 5th) night kicks off the showcases. I plan to be two places that night.

First: VINYL for the ASCAP/Performer Mag Showcase...or part of it. I want to catch Leslie (9:15) and the Futurists (10:00), and possibly a bit of Gates of Berlin (10:30). Then I'm going to leave so that I can...

Second: ...catch the Beggars' Guild (11:00) and Eller (12:00) play at the 585. Then I will try to go to sleep because I still have a job to go to on Friday.

Friday (Oct 6th) I will head over to Star Bar kind of early to see Rantings of Eva (8:00). Then, I will probably try to find something to stuff my face with and end the night at the 585 to catch Chainestereo. Those dudes are young, but their music/show is something to witness. There's still passion in it.

Saturday (Oct 7th) night, I want to check out Nova Milo (8:00), then the Booze (10:00), Variac (11:00), and Morning State (12:00) at the Loft for the 99X Showcase.

Ok. I'm out. Anything I didn't list that I should see? Bueller? Anyone?